I’m Waiting, My Love. . .

I’m Waiting, My Love….

My people, My people, this land is of futile ground.

My hands are gleaning away by each moment that passes by .

The ground thunders its heartache, the waters weep for restitution.

My breath is no longer carried by the wind but falls to the earth like dust.

Why do my people lay in waste?

The works of their hands are in vain because their hearts are not of righteousness.

Their love for me has dwindled to ash. No more fire burns within.

They are lost in their own image. My reflection shines no more.

My people, my people, come back! Come back!

Must I chase you like a lover abandoned?

Must I force my hand to yield a harvest that has no laborers?

How much longer must we be separated, my love? How much longer?

Have you not heard my cries for you?

I wail in grief for my lover who has lost her way.

Have you not felt my heartbeat?

It has grown has thunder, how could you not hear?

You have tasted and you have seen My Glory revealed, yet you still go about your ways, your lusts.

What much more is there for me to do?

Is shed blood not enough?

Is torn flesh not evidence of my passion for you?

What much more is there for me to do?

My heart is breaking for my people, my heart is grieving in pain.

My promises, my promises!

You shout them but what about your promise to Me!

What about your love covenant with Me?

Your covenant to walk in righteousness and holiness?

Were these mere words that were blown away in the wind by the first diversion?

Have you become so intertwined with your daily rituals that you have forgotten the simplest truths?

My people, my people, come back to me! Come back to me!

I will wait and when you come, my arms will be wide open to embrace my love.

I’m waiting………………

My love, I’m waiting.

Prophetic Word given June 2008 by Jennifer Goodson

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