Victorious Living – your choice

1 Corinthians 15:57 – 58

“But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”


When one is walking through the seasons of life many obstacles and snares, can affect our pace. Seasons, cycles, journeys “around that mountain one more time” all play apart in our perspective of our lives, our inner person, our relationships and our success/failures. No matter which way it is said, it is HOW it is displayed and our RESPONSE to it, that determines the outcome of growth.

We can label it any which way we deem BUT to get right to the heart of the matter we must call it like it is! The name of this faceless giant is called

C H A N G E!!


Change, (transition from one season to the next), is not always an aroma of sweet lustrous flowers. Sometimes, the smell of our trashy complaints/excuses are all that is rising into our nostrils. At some point the negative exhaustion has to come to an end. It is all about our perspective. We can choose to look at it our way and continue the ‘cycle around the mountain once again.” Or, we can choose His perspective and achieve all that He has placed in this season.

When we choose His eyeglass piece, we have made the first step towards victorious living. Each step we take from here on out changes us to be over-comers. Each step is branded with His mark leaving the path we leave behind lit with His name, His glory.

Heal and Restore

It’s time for some to put on their grown up panties, lace up those combat boots, stare C H A N G E right in the eye and MOVE towards it with an unyielding force!

Once we do, I’m telling you from experience, your life will never be the same again! Some need to completely stop walking around the mountain and just jump off the cliff and soar with FAITH! Dare to believe that He that is within you enables you to do all things in His name. N o more complaining, no more sitting ‘this one out’, no more excuses! You want to go to a new season, a new chapter, to get out of the rut you are in- TIME to make a change and run into Victorious Living!

Activate and Create

Victorious Living – one must die to one’s self. Laying down all the mindful ambitions. Proceeding with a heart armored with the love of Christ. A mind shielded with the Helmet Salvation.

Victorious Living – one must cast down all vain imaginations allowing their perspective to be in alignment with that of the Holy Spirit’s. Clouded vision leads one astray maneuvering into a perilous wasteland. Be led by the Sword of the Spirit which is fresh manna of God’s Word.

Victorious Living – one must awaken to their surroundings. Bearing the Belt of Truth as they march out into their ‘day zone’.

Victorious Living – one must take the banner of shame down and put on the Breastplate of Righteousness. Pressing forward to the mark set before them.

Victorious Living – one must hold tight to the Shield of Faith infiltrating the zone of doubt. Leaving no guess work, no time for ‘excusing’ yourself out of moving forward.

Victorious Living is proven when one can permeate, (to diffuse through or penetrate something), a place with the peace of God. Every territory that their feet tread, the aroma of God’s Peace and Good News lingers in the atmosphere.


“You are the Victorious One. The one who should lead me in all Your ways and not mine own. Help me to daily walk victoriously regardless of the obstacles or snares that are placed before me. I know when they do arise I will have the mind of Christ to advert, destroy and conquer what was meant to delay me. By Your hand You will lead me in all that You have placed in this season. Change is not easy, sometimes it is very painful. However, I know the Holy Spirit is there to comfort me and Your joy is my strength! This change has to happen so I can grow and become who you have destined for me to be. It’s not fun looking in the mirror and seeing what I see. Eventually, as I get closer to You and Your word, Your image will be what is staring back at me not mine own. Thank you, Father, for Your patience with me.”

Your daughter Living Victoriously

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