What is our currency in the shift?

Encouraged reading Matthew 10 and Acts 18:6

Your pure Word divides the truth from the lie. Going to live for the Will of God. Follow heart after You. Do what You’re doing. Say what You’re saying. Running into You all the while.”

When we do not take heed to what we have been taught through the Word of God, by true Prophets or by righteous men (ones with right standing with God), we open the door for the judgment of God to be released upon our lives.

When this action of rejecting spiritual instruction takes place we are doing more in the spirit than in the natural.

It’s like a slap in the face, a slamming of the door in the face of God.

We are not living what the Word of God states, which was spoken by Christ in Matthew 10:21-22.

Jesus said to “Beware of men, they will deliver you up to councils and scourge you in their synagogues.”

He was saying, when a true righteous man makes a stand, not backing down to the system of church politics – the religious believers (not the true spirit filled earth shakers for Christ) will be quick to judge and persecute.

When Christ sent His 12 disciples He gave them clear instruction (Matthew 10:5-15). On top of the list He stated for His disciples to go, preach, saying –

  “the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” He did NOT instruct them to go, preach, saying, “The Kingdom of man is at hand.”

However, today some that call themselves the followers of Christ have gotten the two intertwined creating confusion. Confusion that they do not know the difference between the truth of Christ’s voice and the voice of men.  

Confusion, doubt, and the fear of man has settled within the walls and is forging a fortress against the truth of Christ – the Kingdom of Heaven.

If man were to be in right position within the Kingdom of God then wouldn’t the Body of Christ be prepared for Christ’s return? Wouldn’t salvation be at hand, every knee bowing?

We see church politics arise far more than the true heart of Christ. No wonder the actual church system is at a fast descending fall out. The world looks at it  – laughs, scorns and persecutes us. We say this all the while not looking at the source. Have we stopped to realize it’s us – man – who have placed the system in this position. Mans ideas, mans system of rules, mans pointing finger – harden heart, desolate minds of control that have created this masquerade.

It’s about time for it to fall! That the true Kingdom of God can arise. A kingdom that is ruled by Christ. A kingdom that consists of men and women who have fear of only one thing – the one, the true Almighty God.  

The fear of man needs to be thrown over the cliff tied to the necks of squealing swine.

When we as the sons/daughters of God learn to:

  • Learn – to die to ourselves and become alive in Christ.
  • Learn – to begin by waking every day with the transforming of our mind and putting on the full armor of Christ.
  • Learn to place God first above ourselves, our family and friends, our career – remove idolatry
  • Learn to walk in the love of God for all people, without condition.
  • Learn to not worry about what or how we should speak and begin to speak what is given to us by the Holy Spirit
  • Learn to know that the fear of God is much more powerful, creating a life shaking change than the fear of man that has only brought bondage and destruction.
  • Learnto not place excuses, upon excuses, upon excuses that keep us from moving on the instant of His voice.

This will bring about the Kingdom of God upon the earth. The ‘church system’ is falling. Man’s made system is coming to an end. The true Body of Christ is awakening, arising to a place of authority that grasps the heart of God.

Watch or become active in – as it will replace what has been and create something that has never been seen, heard or thought of before.

The question is – Are we ready? How are we watching or active in the shift?

It’s here. It’s now. The whirlwind movement caused by the Lord’s hand has begun.

Some have chosen to not look in its direction. Others have embraced it and are running in full motion.  

Those that embrace will have to shake their garments and say, “Your blood be upon your heads; I am clean.” They will have to shake off the dust from their feet and continue to build the true Kingdom of God. Matthew 10:15, Acts 18:6

While the others are not looking or asleep…………..

He will change the hearts of men…….

  • Through the writings of the pen
  • Through the true Prophets He has placed into position of today
  • Through the men and women that are of righteousness and holiness
  • Through the ones who are awake –

Through the ones that bare the heart of Christ.

Where do you stand?

2008-2012 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson

Jason Upton’s song “Will of God”

Lyrics –

I’m tired of living in this world of sin
Tired of living in this game we’re in
Been to town and now I’m back again tired of living for the lust of men
And the world may think I’m crazy when I don’t run with them
But it’s just plain idolatry, when God can’t have all of me

I want to live for the will of God
Oh Lord, I want to follow
With all of my mind, all my heart and all my soul
I want to follow you Oh Lord

How much time will I keep wasting?
How much cheap wine will I keep tasting?
Been to church and now I’m back again
Tired of living for the pride of men
And the world may think I’m crazy when I don’t run with them
But it’s just plain idolatry when God can’t have all of me

2008-2012 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson


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