Where is your place of growth?

As a caterpillar spends its time in a cocoon to rest and time for change – only then to be released in due time (perfect time). Revealing the beauty of a new creation, same but yet new spirit, new flight, new promise …

We too, must allow transformation to come full cycle in order for us to spring into a new season.

Thus launching us to new heights, new depths of knowledge, revelation to know the mysteries of Him who is molding us into the ultimate design for His purpose.

Some paths we choose for our life bring about ruts, ditches, caves, and dark rooms.  In these places we can choose to fear or to blossom.

Either way, change is inevitable but growth from change is a choice.  A choice only we can make for ourselves.

~Excerpt from “Restoration” Brake 5 Blog March 2011 – © Jennifer Goodson ~

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