A Wife’s Purpose. . .

Been praying for Keith’s first day of work today at Universal and the Lord reminded me of this revelation He gave me a year ago during a time of prayer. Ladies, be encouraged to pray for your husbands no matter the circumstance or the ‘feeling’ you have at the moment. Your husband has been given to you as a gift, however, he is still God’s man and God has his back.

“True Revelation of a wife’s purpose ‘beside’ her husband ‘as equals’ will bring liberation that will catapult them into the direction of walking out their destiny as one. Her ‘greatest purpose’ is not of lover, best friend, helpmate, co-laborer, but of a Cup Bearer.” – Jenn Goodson, May 2010

A cup-bearer was an officer of high rank in royal courts, whose duty it was to serve the drinks at the royal table. On account of the constant fear of plots and intrigues, a person must be regarded as thoroughly trustworthy to hold this position. He must guard against poison in the king’s cup, and was sometimes required to swallow some of the wine before serving it. His confidential relations with the king often gave him a position of great influence. The position of cup bearer is greatly valued and given to only a select few throughout history. Qualifications for the job were not held lightly but of high esteem valued for their beauty and even more for their modesty, industriousness and courage.

2010, 2011, 2012 © Jennifer Goodson

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