Memories. . .

In a season when memories are vivid, alive, full of beautiful color, and hold the power of standing still. . . Capture the moment but continue living in the here and now.

A memory can bring the feeling of being young, the age when there was courage to face a world with a clear confidence. For some it is a bittersweet nostalgia that had once been buried long ago. One can learn and grow from memories or one can allow them to freeze time. A timeless place, however quaint, does not produce growth but only stagnation.

Good memories are beautiful and should be treasured but never should they be the leader of one’s life. A follower of such will soon run out of fueling hope built on nothing more than a memory that has replaced reality and those who matter most.

There is a balance. . .

Treasure beautiful memories of the past and hold tight to the inspiration they release. Allow them to intertwine with today but lead and live life in the here and now.

~ Reflections of a Writer ~ 2011 ©  by Jennifer Goodson

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