Begin to pull back the layers . . . .

Life is a series of thoughts, actions, and lessons that lead each of us on a journey. Sometimes our journey brings us hope; sometimes despair.  Each are challenges of change  and growth that eventually land us in a field we’ve planted along the way. Either our field will be a blooming, colorful palette of creation or it will be a desolate, cracked ground of wilderness. Whichever it is, we’ve sowed and reaped what we’ve poured into our life’s journey. Let our days not be of that which is vain but of that which is full of the breath of life and full of color.

Restoration – restoring our thought process; a bringing back to a former position or condition; changing our distorted perspective to match the eye piece of the Father for our life.  Healing of mind, body, and spirit taking us to a place of newness of living beyond the veil.

As a caterpillar spends it’s time in a cocoon to rest and has time for change, only then to be released in due time, perfect time to reveal the beauty of a new creation, same but new spirit, new flight, new promise. We too, must allow transformation to come full cycle in order for us to spring into a new season. Launching us to new heights, new depths of knowledge, revelation to know the mysteries of Him who is molding us into the ultimate design for His purpose. Some paths we choose for our life bring about ruts, ditches, caves, and dark rooms.  In these places we can choose to blossom or choose to fear. Either way, change is inevitable but growth from change is a choice. A choice only we can make for ourselves.

Restoration is an element of that growth, a key to unlocking doors, pulling back layers of self-preservation. A key to pulling out those bricks, one by one, of the wall we’ve created around our hearts. At times restoration is a weapon of warfare that shatters the wall, silences the voices, and answers our cries for hope……an answer to our brokenness.

I can not pin point one particular area of ones life that cries out for restoration and healing. In all things there is a demand for restoring of itself. Either this be in mind, body, or spirit; the memorial stone is what takes place of the deepen void. To know that during and after the time of restoration, there is a sea of confusion, hurt, pain, and tears that carries the steps within to reflection. Reflection that brings pondering to where it all began, to the warfare in the battle, to the peace that comes after the storm.  

Healing begins . . .

Restoration is a healing deep within the soul. Penetrating the layers that are built around the heart of a woman. Layers that are so thick that the piercing light of His love and healing power can only engage. Healing begins as it brings a life soothing balm of Gilead.

A soothing wind, a voice as it calls light, as love whispers. With such clarity, such authority, such power that layers begin to peel.

One and only one can bring such restorative healing upon the heart of a woman. One and only one can we lay out our unanswered questions, our misunderstandings, our shame, and be given wholeness.

Embrace Christ’s love. His voice calls your name. Make the exchange and begin to walk in healing and freedom.

Brake 5 blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson are copyrighted. 2008-2012 © Copyright.  All Rights Reserved.

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