Walking the Tightrope

~ Keeping the Balance In Our Lives ~

Why do we fear saying no?  Is our life balanced?  Using a fear meter versus a peace meter one might have the chance for survival within the walls of our relationships, our careers, and our church activities.

Have you ever wondered “Why do I feel guilty when I say no?” “Why do I feel compelled to say yes, when my heart is screaming “NO!!!!” ?”  Setting boundaries is a natural process; something that even God has set into motion.  Why do we fear setting boundaries? Is it for the approval of men that we seek or the approval of God?  What is our motivation when we say yes?  Do we ever consider the bigger picture effect on our families, our job, our relationship with Christ when we say yes, when we should have said no?

 I have seen too many families destroyed due to lack of balance or respect from workaholic bosses, religious leaders, friends, or extended family members. Loss of respect towards the (immediate) family unit as a whole. Understanding that marriage and the immediate family’s presence is higher than any outside force and the next important relationship next to an individual’s walk with the Lord (first priority) should be what is encouraged and sought after.

 When or even HOW do we begin to notice the signs of territorial crossings? How unbalanced is our everyday life when held in the perspective of effectiveness? Are our actions a positive or negative element within our home? How much strife does my involvement outside my home cause within my home? How much time is left to spend with my spouse, my children, the Lord? What important factor of my life am I sacrificing?

Fear can be the driving force as to why we are continually saying ‘yes’ with our mouths but our hearts are saying ‘no’.

When asked to become apart of a functional institution such as our child’s school, our church, our community, or even relationships do we ever consider the bigger picture?

One must ask these questions:

How will my involvement affect my relationship with Christ, my marriage, my children, my work, and the heart of my home?

What is the motive behind my ‘yes’? Man’s approval, acceptance, guilt, competition. . . the list can go on.

Do we ever stop to realize we may be saying ‘yes’ to be accepted out of fear of hurting someone?

Do you ever feel resentment towards the person you just said ‘yes’ to and wish you could go back and change your mind?       YOU CAN!!!

One should never condemn another for choosing their marriage, their family, or their work above participation of an outside source from the home. Others ‘should’ respect others choices and those making the choice should not be made to feel guilty for making the right choice.

It’s time to change our mindset of ourselves and the way we view others. Time for us to take a few steps back, look around our ‘world’, and analyze what needs to be there and what needs to be gone. What can we eliminate and what should we embrace?

 Balance of our boundaries are a good God thing. . . 

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson © 2008-2012 Copyright.  All Rights Reserved.

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