Ugh! Closet Cleaning Time !!!

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It is closet cleaning week for me. I know, I know, ugh! I am one of those procrastinators, who when it comes to opening that door of the small dark hole at the end of the hallway that I do not greet it with exuberance. But who does, right? Between you and me, I’ve got all kinds of things in this one closet and it is this one that I dread the most. Do you have one of those? Well, I do and it comes with a huge box of miscellaneous items that I have just thrown in there over time because I did not want to deal with them. Yep, I have let them pile on each other, one at a time. Oh! and the thing is I did not give a care when I did it.  Always said to myself, I will deal with it later. You know what I mean?

This got me to thinking about the lives of the women I have ministered to over the past several years. How I have seen many throw one thing on top of another and say they will deal with it later or not at all. Until one day, they blow a casket and need someone to help them through. Sometimes we can not wait until our closets become filled with messy boxes. It is better to deal and heal when the situation is fresh in order for us to move forward and become a better us. Those that love us for who we are deserve the best us. It is not an easy choice to make to deal but it is better than waiting until the last-minute to clean up the mess.

How much do our lives look like uncleaned closets? How many huge miscellaneous boxes do we have that contain so many issues we haven’t dealt with because we are afraid or just want to ignore? We are not always looking forward to digging in our messy box and pulling out those things that need re-evaluation or consideration for dismissal. At times, we feel it is best left hidden under all the other things we pile right on top.

Ever notice that soon our messy box becomes so full of un-dealt issues that we become overwhelmed and just decide to bury that box even further into the back of the closet? Ever notice that we shut the door of the closet with a subtle push, so as not to disturb what is within? Ever notice how we walk around the other side of the room to avoid the closet door – as if some how it will vanish into thin air, gone forever? Ever notice how we hide behind our material things, false identities, ministries, or activities so that we become too busy to remind ourselves its time to clean?

I know I have in times past, but honestly it really feels good to begin to pull those items out of the messy box one by one. Each at their own time and examine the how’s, why’s, and why not’s. It is not always easy to deal with our issues that cause us or others pain, but it is best for us and for those who love us.

When it is time to ‘deal’ we sometimes have to take someone with us to help us do the walk through of removal – removal of things that are hidden and have pulled us into a dark hole. It is in the partnership of another that we can find strength, boldness, and the willingness for examination and letting go.

For those who find it hard to climb out of the dark hole ~ For those that it seems that the messy box is too overwhelming ~ For those that feel all alone ~ For those that have become accustomed to their surroundings of darkness due to past and present hurts, fears, pain and abuse ~  There is a truth that you should know ~

“The enemy of your soul will hide you in your pain, shame, self-pity, low self-esteem, low self-worth long enough to blind you from the truth of your potential. When blinded you will not see how valuable you are and how far you will be able to go. Mindsets of doubt and unbelief will hinder you from ever reaching the purpose for your life.”

~ Insightful Reflections of the Human Kind © 2012 by Jennifer Goodson

How long are you going to hide your messy box in the closet?  How long are you going to lie in your mess?  How long are you going to think you are not good enough? That you do not have what it takes to move mountains, to step upon higher ground?

I urge you to not wait too much longer because the enemy of your soul is here to steal, kill, and destroy your purpose. Take off the blinders, step out of the dark hole, and grasp the hand of the One who is right in front of you. You will get to where you got to go ~ just begin the process.

Your life is full of purpose in all that you do, in all that you encounter – do not waste anymore time ~ Live your life with purpose, on purpose.

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson © 2008-2012 Copyright.  All Rights Reserved.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. thevanbrown says:

    After reading this, I took a peek in my closet. Then, quietly and slowly, I closed it before all the junk had time to wake up and escape! And clutter, not just of things in the junk drawer & closets, but in our mind, will guarantee we have to handle and process some things over and over, perhaps to some degree beyond what they were actually worth to us in the first place. Best to you,


  2. Tracey says:

    So very true. We need to keep a list….or a clean closet.


  3. Mark Ellwood says:


    You’ve created a wonderfully poetic metaphor for the clutter in our lives.

    You might be interested in a new site I recently launched, It inspires people to overcome procrastination and get stuff done by connecting random buddies who become accountable to each other. Check out the accomplishments on the Achievers’ leader board.


    1. Brake 5 says:

      Checked out your site – pretty amazing! Thank you for reading and contributing to the comments here at Brake 5. I would like to discuss further with you the possibility of having you as a guest blogger here on Brake 5 to cover procrastination and highlight your website. You can email me at Look forward to hearing from you and keep smilin’ ~ Jenn


  4. Great article! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Brake 5 says:

      Thank you Tina and Welcome to Brake 5!


  5. philoangelo says:

    Great post Jennifer –

    I’ve been cleaning out the closet of my life for the last six months or so, ‘found some things I thought I threw away (hurt, disappointment, unforgiveness) & found some other things that I simply didn’t want to address (calling, purpose, responsibility), but, my closet is getting cleaner & so is my life – ‘becoming much more focused now –


    1. Brake 5 says:

      It does take a while to un-clutter our lives, but when we do we can walk in so much freedom of who we truly are! It’s a new day for you!

      Keep smilin’


  6. I love the comparison of closet clutter to life messiness. Although sometimes I think closet disorganization boils down to just not knowing how to edit/organize ones closet. It helps to bring a trusted friend in to help or hire a person. I walk my clients through the editing process so that they learn how to do it on their own for future clutter buildups.


    1. Brake 5 says:

      Thank you for your comment Maria –
      Yes, it does help to have someone in the natural sense to help organize a closet. But how about in the spiritual sense? When we are in need of sorting out our cluttered inner ‘closet’ sometimes the help of a counselor, life coach, mentor, or pastor is the hand that we need to grasp. At times even a close trusted friendship will aid in the process of dealing with the messy box and then healing can begin.

      Visited your site – and love it! Would love to keep in connection with you and when the new website is up have you advertise.


  7. The night before you posted this, I was spurred to clean out my closet – I got a burst of energy and away I went – getting rid of some things and having a pile of other stuff to give away. In the spiritual sense, I have tried to keep de-cluttered – not wanting anything to come between me and my relationship with God. When offenses and hurts come, and they do, even from leaders within church, or fellow Christians, I try to get rid of them as soon as possible. A lady minister that I know has often said, “If you can be offended you will be offended.” I know that I cannot live my life ministering to others while carrying around all of the clutter of hurts and offenses. I immediately begin the process of forgiveness, so I can move on and put it behind me. I must stay focused on the goal and prize that has been set before me, and not allow anything to keep me from finishing my race. No runner ever won a race by looking over their shoulder!


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