Time to Step Out!

In order for change to happen we have to step out of the now that is holding us back from the change that needs to take place in our lives.  Time to step out – now right here – Change in each step.

When a set mind is imposed upon with a new belief it is rather hard to accept something that brings with it the fear of not knowing the outcome of that acceptance. For some believe it is better for one to stay set in mind then to embrace the new for they will continually compare their actions and live not trusting. Truth is –  stepping out of the old into the new, brings life and freedom. A chance to become someone better than one is. A chance to reach higher than before. Taking one from a rigid plateau and forging onward to a new awakening.

~ Portals of Wisdom 2010 © Jennifer Goodson

All Brake 5 blogs and written words by Jennifer Goodson are © 2008 – 2012.  Copyright.  All Rights Reserved.

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  1. AMEN! (wish that was a longer post but it was good! 🙂 we need to stop sitting in puddles and just STAND, and go forth claiming all of the Father’s promises on us, thanking Him for what He is already doing in the spirit, claim His vision and who HE says we are, and asking “WHAT NOW, LORD?! USE ME! TAKE these dirty clothes off of me, i renounce my agreement with the enemy over ____ and yield my life to you to use for YOUR glory! COME JESUS!”

    bless you!
    lisa Hainline


  2. thevanbrown says:

    Thank you. Your words came here today in a timely fashion. Fear of change is a universal fear. The first honest question (whether a person admits it, or not) is: “How can this change cause me harm?” What needs to be asked is: “How will I, and those around me be harmed if I refuse to accept the change?” When Galileo verified that Venus as well as Earth itself orbited around the sun, the church refused to acknowledge the truth, thus setting science, as well as the hope of the church finding its meaningful place in academic leadership, back hundreds of years. Think where the world might be today had they taken the brave and honest path instead of the cowardly pathway of fear.


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