Love is a choice of action . . .

Love is a gift of giving and receiving – the exchange is sweet and always life changing.

Some say that love is like taking the black and white of everyday life and then adding a little color. Skeptics say love can seem to detour our day-to-day concerns into a temporary fade. Finding ourselves in a world that is quite different from our own. Bringing some of us to a place where we devoid ourselves of reality to only emerge into a checklist of suggested behaviors.   

In a world where love is expressed in thousands of ways within diverse relationships – confusion can arise upon its true meaning. The confusion about the truth of love, can fog the heart bringing it to a place of compromise and complacency or taking it to heights of great expectation only to fall down that self built silver tower.   

With the countless destinations that victories and failures of relationships take us we are bound to be tainted by the seemingly attributes they produce. When love is placed in the hands of wrong decisions or the mishaps of life we can sometimes become stained by shame, guilt, hate, rage, and a lower self-worth. These attributes of selfish love or love tainted by impurity become true love’s mate. A love that is tainted or stained can bring loneliness, emptiness, a void that only true love can fill.   

Self-inflicted shame is sculpted by failed expectations set by leading flesh with closed ears from the voice of truth. To walk freely, outspoken flesh must be quieted by the rising of the spirit within. For God knows where we are right at the moment our vulnerability is exposed. He is forever showering His love, mercy, and grace as He accepts us just the way we are.”

~ Insightful Reflections of the Human Kind by Jennifer Goodson 2012 © Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.

Love expressed is more than a feeling or three words spoken. Love is even more than a commitment. Love is a choice of action. An action that speaks louder than any of feeling or words. Love can be shown without any one person speaking to or touching another. Love can be found in a person’s smile, in their eyes, in their laugh. The measurement of love can be seen in action through giving without thought of a return.

When love is in the right place, at the right time such feelings of joy, strength, and beauty are not only felt but tasted and seen. True love between a man and woman is the most beautiful experience two people can share. The love between parents and their children is something that is unconditional and life saving. The love we show towards a friend, a co-worker, or a stranger triggers a life of fruitfulness; a domino affect that is forever life changing.  

I urge you today to step out of the norm. Step out of where you have been in your ‘love’ life. Go beyond the worldly expectation of love and begin to overcome with the perspective of God’s love. Love not only created for you but a love created to share with others. A love that was given with a high price but was delivered to us freely. Who are we to withhold such a gift that was destined to be unconditional, fearless, victorious, and free? Walk in forgiveness towards others and of yourself. To love others you must learn to love yourself. Love yourself. Love others.

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson © 2008-2012 Copyright.  All Rights Reserved. 

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  1. thevanbrown says:

    Yes. When love is a choice of action, willfully, it contributes unselfishly to something positive in another person. That is the act of loving. Some people confuse the gifts of giving and receiving with the mutual self gratification of “give and take”. When it moves away from doing the right thing with commitment, and becomes a matter of compliance to measure loss, gain, and marginal utility, there is no integrity in it, and there is no gift. Keep on rockin’,


  2. Brake 5 says:

    Jennifer, to quote from you blog post, “Love expressed is more than a feeling or three words spoken. Love is even more than a commitment. Love is a choice of action. An action that speaks louder than any of feeling or words.” What a wonderful word picture of what Jesus did for us when He chose to go to the cross!
    Posted by Barbara Parker


  3. Why is choosing to express love so hard at times. So hard when you don’t know how to deal with a situation that compromised everything you stand for. How to deal with this is hard. How do you peel back the layers that you use to protect yourself?. Not loving is always about self. It’s so selfish not to express love. It’s unforgivable to behave this way. I speak from my own challenges. God help those of us who find it difficult to express love to be more like you.


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