Are you a Self-Seeker or a God-Seeker?

Self-seekers bare their name upon their hearts. They shout it loud. Declaring it long enough to gain attention. All their deeds, words, creativity is marred by seeking the approval of men. Only to find short gratification that spins them off on another self-seeking attention pick-me-up.

God-seekers bare His name. Declaring Him, Christ as the Creator of all their insightful creativity, words, and deeds. No need to seek attention, the approval of men. Their hearts are (too busy being) overwhelmed – consumed with the opportunity to create with the Creator. No need for instant, impatient gratification. As they give out to Him, He in turn takes their gift and unfolds, reveals it. In His time, in His way for all whom He has purposed to receive.

Only He can exalt what He has purposed for man to create and for man to receive. Through this relationship, God and man, an establishment of long lasting, life changing, atmosphere world shaking – LOVE – is shared.

Ask yourself this….

Are you missing out on the opportunity of knowing this True Love because of selfish pride?

Does fear have such a control over you, that the mere thought of rejection from man – holds you in bondage?

Man does NOT own you. You are not for sale!!!!! Stop wasting your time and His……

True perfect love casts out all fear…..leaving nothing but the image of Christ.

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson are Copyright © 2008-2012.  All Rights Reserved.

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