Cupcakes Anyone!!!!!!!

Carissa Hughes is the owner of Gourmet Goodies

Enjoy her note of encouragement to all old and new business owners.

Starting a business in any economy can be a trial, but starting a business today during the greatest recession in history takes serious faith! My husband and I took our part-time hobby of making cupcakes and cookies, and made it our full time business almost 2 years ago. With limited funds and resources, we literally lived day-to-day learning the business, selling our gourmet cupcakes and working endless hours. We found ourselves trying doors and walking through the ones God appointed. He gave us great favor with so many people that have helped us along the way, which has definitely been a huge factor in our growth and business development.

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Our concept is to have Gourmet Cupcake & Cookie Kiosks in Shopping Malls throughout Central Florida. In our first 18 months, we now have two locations in small malls located in Lake Wales and Sebring, Florida with another larger location currently in the works…..Every day we’re amazed at what God is doing in our lives and never take for granted the opportunity we have to touch lives and make a difference with every cupcake.
I consider Gigi’s of “Gigi’s Cupcakes” an incredible role model and I love this quote from her, it pretty much summarizes my story too:  “If I can convey just one idea to someone reading my story, it would be to believe in yourself, walk with integrity, work hard and trust in God.  And maybe your life won’t turn out exactly how you were expecting or hoping it to be; but maybe, just maybe, it will be so much better than you could have ever imagined!”
Carissa Hughes
Gourmet Goodies, YUM! LLC
For more info on Bob and Carissa Hughes and their start with Gourmet Goodies, YUM! LLC – visit this link:

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  1. Brake 5 says:

    Good advice not only for starting a business but in other aspects of life as well, “We found ourselves trying doors and walking through the ones God appointed.”
    Posted by Barbara Parker


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