When Autism Hits Home . . .

Windows by Gary Duffey

Gary Duffey is the father of an Autistic daughter and is the founder of “ AUTHORS AGAINST AUTISM”.

When you look through a window, what do you see? A frog sitting on a log. The sun beginning to rise. A policeman at a traffic light. Stars twinkling in the night. What else do you see? Can you see a little bit of the future? Each window gives us a different view. What you see is up to you!

To place an order Click Here  http://bookstore.abbottpress.com/Products/SKU-000589936/Windows.aspx

To hear Gary and his wife’s story please read article in News Sun – Click Here – http://www.newssun.com/news/080112-ct-Duffey

Gary and his daughter, Makayla

You will have a chance to meet Author Gary Duffey at the book signing this coming Saturday, September 15th from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Gene Brenner’s Pottery off of the Sebring Circle in Downtown Sebring, FL.

Bring your own copy of “Windows” and have it signed for $2.05 or purchase and have signed for $10.00  – $2.05 from each book will go to the “Author’s Against Autism” Foundation.

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