What has your attention?

“God will use anything to trigger a moment in order for His love to consume us and freedom to invade us.”

A few weeks back, I found myself at that moment where I began asking God to soften my heart; allow me to see through His eyes the lives of His creation. Sometimes He uses the smallest overlooked “obvious” things to do just that. In this last week, I have found myself crying and interceding over things that I would normally not pay much attention to. From a bull lying dead in the middle of the interstate, to a young boy riding his bicycle across an extremely busy highway, to an older woman struggling to load her groceries into her car – His heart embraces them all.

In such small matters His heart is touched . . . how much more so in our larger scale situations does His heart beat for us?

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson are Copyright ©  2008-2012.  All Rights Reserved.

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  1. My attention is held by the 13 week study that I am completing written by Kay Arthur called “Lord, Heal My Hurts.” Within this study, I have learned so much about God’s Word and the capability of it to heal the devastation from an abusive relationship and the suicide of my former partner. The Holy Spirit has shown me that my self-concept of being unworthy of love kept me in an unhealthy relationship with distorted thoughts of what love was and what I was worthy of receiving from the man I knew as my husband.


  2. standonthewall says:

    I needed this today!


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