The Art of Healing: The Top 8 Ways to Promote Health and Healing in Your Life

Brake 5 Ladies – I had the opportunity to meet Edward a few years back while traveling in Minnesota.  Our paths crossed once more several months ago.  Hence, the opportunity has been taken to share with you from a reliable and credible source in regards to living a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle.  I hope you enjoy reading what he has to share with us.  I have found his insightful knowledge to be truly liberating and look forward to having him share more with us in the future.

Edward A Pingenot III

Edward A Pingenot III

Edward Pingenot is the founder of Revive the Body, an online wellness center that helps people find answers, optimal health and long-term healing by providing professional integrative health coaching and public health education services. Edward is in his final year of premedical studies, pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in Alternative Medicine at Everglades University in South Florida. Here, he is surrounded by many guiding instructors and practitioners including naturopathic doctors, holistic nutritionists, homeopaths, psychotherapists, herbalists and chiropractors just to name a few. Upon the completion of this program, Edward intends to continue on to medical school with aspirations to one-day start his own private practice as a primary care physician.

The Art of Healing: The Top 8 Ways to Promote Health and Healing in Your Life

     Greetings, dear reader, it is quite a privilege to spend this time with you. Thank you for meeting here, the moments that precede us are sacred and contain keys capable of opening doors that lead to abundant health. We may have a bit of a journey ahead of us, but let me assure you – You are worth it, every step.

Are you ready?

My name is Edward Pingenot, and our journey has just begun.

It is no mystery that adopting a healthy diet, exercise regimen and sleep schedule are of the utmost importance. Yet, even with the abundance of resources and knowledge made available to us, optimal health often eludes our society resulting in low-quality living, chronic illness, and even unfulfilled destiny.

Here’s a quick look into the reality of our nation’s current health status:

  • Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability in the U.S.1
  • 7 out of 10 deaths among Americans each year are from chronic diseases.1
  • Heart disease, cancer and stroke account for more than 50% of all deaths each year.1
  • One in three women, and one in two men will get cancer during their lifetime.2
  • More than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese.1
  • In 2008, medical costs associated with obesity were estimated at $147 billion; the medical costs for people who are obese were $1,429 higher than those of normal weight.1
  • The list goes on…

You may ask, “Isn’t there a better way; a solution to this problem?” – Yes. And you deserve to know what it is.

At Revive the Body, I often work with beautiful hearts facing unfavorable circumstances, many of whom have “tried everything” with limited to no success. Utilizing an integrative approach, our motto is “to succeed where other men have failed”, and the Lord has blessed our efforts. We have witnessed countless healing transformations and experienced tremendous victory with many people distressed by adverse and limiting conditions such as arthritis, hypothyroidism, obesity, gynecological disorders, chronic fatigue and more.

The following list includes the top 8 ways you can promote optimal health and healing in your life.

8. Observe the Spectrum of Health.

 Health is a spectrum made up of many individual building blocks. Some of these building blocks include: a sense of purpose, diet, exercise, sleep habits, environment, stress levels, social support, etc.

Each one of these components can be compared to a set of pillars that support the structure of a house (your health). When one or more of these pillars is cracked or collapsed, the chances of that structure crumbling to the ground are exponentially increased. The same is true for your health.

By observing the “spectrum of health”, you can identify weaknesses and/or imbalance that may be negatively affecting your well-being, and make adjustments that will promote abundant life and complete healing.

7. Respect God’s Well-Established Laws of Nature

Most everyone in our society has a healthy respect for the laws of gravity and the potential consequences of failing to adhere to those laws. However, there are a number of people who are not so in tune with some of God’s most basic laws regarding health and nature.

From the nutritional biochemistry of the foods that you eat, to the chemical structure of your cosmetics, laundry detergents and sunscreens – everything that you eat, drink, breathe and put on your skin will contribute toward either a health-promoting or a disease-promoting internal chemistry.

How is your food grown? Are harmful chemicals being used in the growing process? Are microwaves safe? What materials are your baby’s crib and toys made out of? What time should you wake up or go to bed? Were you meant to stay indoors all day? How does your body handle stress?

These are just a few questions you can ask to determine how aligned you are with nature.

And while I am not necessarily advocating a primitive way of life that strips away the benefits and joys of living in such modern times, it would serve you well to learn the answers to these questions; to educate yourself in order that you might evade disastrous health outcomes and instead attain optimal wellness.

Bottom line: live simply, eat real food and spend time enjoying God’s beautiful creation. As simple as this may sound, it is an important key to promoting health and healing in your life.

6. Eat the cookie.

Sometimes making certain changes in life are required to regain or maintain our health. But to say that it can be difficult and stressful to effectively maintain these changes is often a vast understatement.

Fad diets, extreme calorie restriction, and other health programs or methods of weight loss often produce an anxiety and stress that can be destructive to your health. Further, many of these programs quite simply result in failure, relapse and binging.

Want a friendly tip? Eat the cookie.

If you have a craving that will not go away, it would be better to have a small portion of that food than an entire buffet down the road.

Many people can get so wrapped up in their pursuit of health that life becomes stressful, eating becomes a chore, and being healthy drifts further into fantasyland. This is no way to live.

Eat the cookie, enjoy the cookie and don’t feel guilty about it. Wake up, and keep moving forward. You can do it.

5. Realize the Healing Potential of Food

Hippocrates said it best in his infamous quote, “Let your food be your medicine, and let your medicine be your food”. Numerous peer-reviewed studies and scholarly journals confirm that there are many disease-fighting phytochemical (chemicals found in plants) compounds and nutrients found in wholesome fruits and vegetables.

In fact, some of the diseases that these compounds can affect include: cancer, diabetes, heart failure, liver disease, bacterial infections, viruses and more. By implementing the findings from these studies in the formation of your dietary strategy, you can harness the power of these nutrients for your own benefit.

However, just as important as the foods that you choose to put into your body, are the foods that you choose to leave out. Processed foods, dairy and gluten are perhaps the most common troublemakers when it comes to achieving optimal weight, avoiding allergic reactions and maximizing energy levels, but these are just a few. In order to maintain a high level of antioxidant and detoxifying activity in your body, it is important to increase the number of “good foods” in your diet while reducing, or eliminating, “bad foods”.

Quick Tip: Instead of saying, “I can’t have that”, instead say, “I’m choosing to be healthy”.

4. Supplementation.

 While it is ideal that you would receive all of your nutrients from food, the unfortunate reality is that it is getting increasingly difficult to do so in our modern society. From poor soil quality on the farm and the damaging handling and processing of foods, to the way it is prepared and even digested, food simply isn’t what it used to be. In cases like these dietary supplementation is a viable option.

But not all supplements are created equal. The source and form of the supplement must be considered, as well as the quality and dosage. Understanding this truth and investigating various products before purchasing them can save you a lot of wasted time and money at your local health food store.

By incorporating high-quality foods and nutritional supplements into your diet, the likelihood of preventing disease, maintaining health or gaining healing can be exponentially increased.

3. Utilize the Power of Detoxification

When people typically hear the word “detox”, they often think of some sort of bowel cleanse or a boxed product that you can buy at the local health food store. It is also a common belief that detoxification is reserved for health nuts – a trendy fad that will eventually pass on – this could not be further from the truth.

What many do not realize is that we live in an extremely toxic culture. Toxins are everywhere and can even be found in newborn babies. Some of these toxins are linked to several chronic ailments including estrogen dominance, breast cancer, thyroid disorders, obesity, allergies, inflammatory conditions, digestive issues and more.

Detoxification is not a fad – it is essential in order to obtain optimal health and healing.

There are varying levels and intensities of detoxification. From a one-day water fast, to a twelve-week comprehensive cellular detoxification protocol with Revive the Body, reducing your body’s toxic burden will reap profound benefits.

Whether you would like to engage in a seasonal cleanse for maintenance, or combat a major illness, detoxification can be a most helpful key in achieving optimal health.

2. Find a Qualified Integrative Health Practitioner

 What is an integrative heath practitioner? The word integrative simply means to unite separate things. Concerning health care, this refers to the unification of conventional and alternative modalities in approaching health and healing.

Honestly, there are good and bad conventional and natural practitioners, so it is very important to do your homework, ask questions and use discernment in choosing the right practitioner for you.

Ideally, you will want to find someone well versed in clinical nutrition, the use of herbs and other natural supplements, and the latest prevailing and evidence-based research.

Having an integrative health practitioner in your corner can drastically increase your potential to obtain optimal health – safely and effectively.

1. Address the Root Cause

Perhaps the number one way to promote health and healing in your life is to address the root cause of any obstacle standing in the way of it.

Most conventional approaches (medication and surgery) are based on managing symptoms, and not addressing the root cause. The result is little different from folding up a paper napkin and sticking it underneath a wobbly table – take away the napkin, and the table will wobble again. Take away the medication; the problems come back as well. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, many natural health practitioners are guilty of doing the same thing, only with natural substances. Trying to put out fires without addressing the source of those fires will do little good long term. There is a better way.

Addressing the root cause can involve identifying allergies, resolving a past conflict, changing your work environment, reducing your stress, detoxification and more.

Until you address the obstacles that stand in the way you achieving optimal health, no product, program or scheme can be maximally effective. But if/when you can address the root cause, your potential to achieve complete health will be radically increased.

Well, dear reader, I would like to say that our journey has ended, but it has truly only begun. I hope you have enjoyed our time together, I know I have. Take these keys, hold them close to your heart and they will no doubt treat you well. My prayers and support are with you, until next time…

 May strength come to your body, life to your spirit, and peace to your mind. Godspeed.

 Testimonials given from others on Revive the Body ( and Edward – these testimonials have taken from Revive the Body website.

Rick Pino, Founder of Fire Rain Ministries
“Over the years I have watched my friend Edward be consistent in his pursuit of a life of humility and integrity. He is filled with wisdom and understanding but most importantly, he is a powerful conduit of the love of God. It is my sincere belief that Revive the Body and the services of Edward Pingenot are beyond relevant for the hour that we live in and will help many reclaim and optimize their health.””
Jeff Reeser, COO and Staff Pastor, The Ramp
“As a staff pastor and church leader, I cannot over emphasize the importance of maintaining balanced physical health. I consistently witness the effectiveness of my fellow ministers and our congregations hindered by preventable sickness—fatigue and exhaustion to chronic congestion and allergies. Undoubtedly, the fruitfulness of our churches and ministries would increase as the result of focused intentional wellness coaching. In pursuit of this aim, I trust Edward’s guidance for my personal wellness and the wellness of my ministry teams and congregations.”
To read more testimonials please visit Edwards website Revive the Body – by clicking this link:
1. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (
2. The American Cancer Society (
The products and the claims made about specific products on or through this site have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.

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  1. thevanbrown says:

    As you may have expected, I went directly to number six, and ate a cookie. Then another, and finally the entire box. They were delicious, and turns out to be exactly what I needed. Of course now I’ll need to go to the store before the grandkids come over. Keep on keeping on,


  2. Brake 5 says:

    Barbara Parker • Thanks Jennifer–a lot of good, practical tips in the article. I would address the final admonition to address the root cause of a disorder and say that both as a registered nurse and a prayer minister I must agree. We so often try to manage symptoms without looking at the cause–both in physical and emotional situations, and often the root is spiritual rather than physical and inner healing is needed. Get to the root of anger, rejection, fear, etc., and one will be amazed at how many physical issues also disappear.


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