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Damian and Cherish Pereira


Highlighting Brake 5 member Cherish Pereira and her business for the next coming weeks.  Make sure to read about this great opportunity and enter a chance to receive  free product from Rodan + Fields!


Be the first to visit our website and become a Preferred Customer, and we will send you a free gift of product valued at $50!

After years of working hard for others, we had decided that we’re done making millions for corporate companies when we could be creating a secure financial future for our family on our own terms. Our desire is to be blessed financially, so that we can bless others. So we were looking for opportunities.

We heard about Rodan + Fields through a friend who joined the company as they launched into the home based market. His goals are similar to ours, financial freedom with the vision to bless others. When he saw the opportunity, he told his wife that he so believed in these Doctors and the branding they’ve established that he would retire her within a year. It took only seven months to create a 6 figure residual income and she retired within 60 days! Three years later, they have built a successful organization, of which we are a part.

We heard their story, and we caught the vision! So we joined Rodan and Fields Dermatologists as Independent Consultants and grew our organization quickly. Within the first few months we earned numerous prizes and recognitions.

Damian and Cherish Pereira

So, here’s the opportunity….

Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the creators of Proactiv® Solution have launched Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. This is their NEW Company positioned to dominate the Anti-Aging market as they have the Acne market. They bring dermatology-based skincare to everyone. Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields have teamed with Independent Consultants to market these prestigious products through home-based business. There has never been a multi-billion dollar, debt free global icon in the home based arena. This unprecedented credibility changed everything, attracting an élite group of entrepreneurs that see limitless financial potential.

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Our company offers an excellent compensation plan, with many incentives and bonuses. One of the recent incentives is the Lexus automobile program for consultants building a certain level of business. Luxury incentive trips like Bora Bora, Tuscany, Playa Del Carmen, and Cabo St. Lucas are a great bonus! But most of all, for those looking for long-term sustainable residual income, or looking for life-changing clinical products that work… This is the vehicle to take you there!

We are now on the track to financial freedom with a residual income and endless opportunities to enjoy life while making a living. It takes work and dedication, but success is yours for the taking!

We have the honor of being directly partnered with founding consultants who are RFX Lexus Achievers, and Hall of Fame Inductees in the company, and they’ll be partnering with you as well if you choose to join us.

We are looking forward to partnering with you! We want to give you the opportunity of success on your own terms! As the Drs. say, we’re Changing Skin, and Changing Lives.
Damian and Cherish Pereira 

Independent Consultants, 
Rodan + Fields Dermatologists   



The Doctors presenting the opportunity – Click Here

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  1. Thank you Jennifer for featuring our business this month. We are so blessed to have found something that we enjoy and can build a future for our family. We are excited to share what we have found with anyone looking for the same opportunity! Thank you for giving us that chance!
    – Cherish 😉


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