It is time to Breathe . . .

Sometimes being a vessel of His Presence is the furthest from our mind.  We are weighed with our daily rituals that loosing sight, even for just a few moments, can overpower our spirit.  At times, we tend to dwell on what is at hand and forget to ‘breathe’.
“Resting Place” sounds nice, might even seem not so far away. Truth be told, the actual act of braking brings fear and anxiety. Braking is needed. Braking is essential. Braking from the chaos. Braking from the continual play of hats. Braking births life, love, joy, and strength . . . creating a vessel of His Presence.

It’s time to Take 5 and Brake . . .


Philippians 1:11

“May you abound in and be filled with the fruits of righteousness (of right standing with God and right doing), which comes through Jesus Christ, to the honor and praise of God (that His glory may be both manifested and recognized.)”


A vessel that walks about with the glory of the Lord manifested and recognized. This is who He designed us to be! Bearers of His Presence. A vessel that brings forth His Presence in the areas of our life that we ‘daily touch’. Showing forth true God colors – a prism. A prism that His light shines upon – our prism = heart, mind, body and soul. We bring forth a compounding light that breaks through the darkness. Birthing joy, life, love to every divine encounter of our day.

Divine encounters:

  • Our time with our children, friends and family
  • Conversations
  • A smile to the cashier, waitress
  • Sending our husbands out with a kiss and receiving him with a smile
  • Encouraging others, even when we might not think we’re adequate enough

Heal and Restore

It’s time to be a prism, a heart, a vessel that brings His Presence into all things that we ‘touch’ throughout our day. Nothing is too small or too big to be denied His glory, His love, His light. This prism absorbs it’s light when we knock down the thoughts, the actions of complacency. When we decline our ears to His voice continually. When we look through His perspective glasses and not our own. When the recognition that our yesterdays, today and tomorrows are all in His hand. When we lay down our motives and mark our hearts, our minds with the will of God. When we take that step off the cliff and……JUST GO FOR IT!

Through this we become a walking, living, breathing testament of His love, His life and His Word. We become Daughters that bring His presence. (We bring it!) We become bearers of His Presence. Abounding and filled with the fruits of righteousness. Cleansing our mind, body and soul from all things that taint His mirror image.

What keeps us from being a prism of light? What holds us back from reaching out and touching? How long are we going to wear our goggles of fear? When we begin to unlock our hearts, open our eyes, incline our ears we will begin to ‘breathe’ in His glory and ‘breathe’ out His light. No darkness, no plan of the enemy can stand against a woman of God who has spent time with her Father.

Nothing – it’s that S I M P L E.

Activate and Create


That Your light might shine upon my face. That Your light might guide my path. That Your light will shine through me, a prism for Your glory. That Your light might shatter the darkness around me and birth life to every situation, circumstance, conversation. That Your love may be in my touch. That Your presence would be my countenance. Oh! That You Father, might take delight in Your daughter as I sit at Your feet. As I bask in and embrace Your words for me today and share them with others. To be an encouragement, a prism that breaks the darkness encompassed round about others. That I might be a Daughter that brings Your Presence where ever I go this week. Let me not forget, Let me not remove the vision of Your love for others that You place by divine encounter. Help me to not overlook those I would deem not worthy. Help me to not overtake Your will for mine own. I will be Your Daughter that carries Your presence!

I’m going to BRING IT!

2008-2012 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Brake 5  Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson, Founder of Brake 5

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