Don’t miss you chance to win! $100 in jewels from Stella & Dot ~ Brake 5’s Christmas Giveaway

Enter your chance to win Brake 5’s  $100 Jewelry Christmas Giveaway                  sponsored by Kim Larsen, Stella & Dot Independent Stylist!

 Brake 5, sponsored by Brake 5 member and Stella & Dot’s Independent Stylist – Kim Larsen, is hosting a $100 gift giveaway!  Deadline to place your name in the draw is December 15th!

Rules of Entry:  Just follow the above requirements for your chance to win.

Kim Larsen, Stella & Dot Independent Sylist

Kim is an amazing woman of God and business owner.  I invite you to read about her, her business, and how God has opened many doors through Stella & Dot to reach out to many women.  Make sure to view the slideshow of the many jewels that are available and enter your chance to win our December Christmas GiveawayYou could be gifted $100 worth of jewels!  Merry Christmas!

I’m a Star Stylist with Stella & Dot. I’ve been with the company for a year and a half.  I never thought that I would be doing something like this. Many years ago I was a teacher.  I hosted a show for a friend who was a Stella & Dot Stylist. My friends loved the jewelry.  I got a lot of free jewelry from hosting and everywhere I traveled ladies were complimenting me.  After reading about our CEO, hearing her speak and truly being inspired to dream big . . . I jumped in!

So, I decided to become a stylist, never anticipating having a growing team!  I’m loving every single minute of adding a little sparkle to ladies lives, meeting new friends, and mentoring other ladies as they start their own careers as a stylist. It’s fun to help ladies set goals and a plan to achieve those goals.

Stella & Dot is one of the most encouraging, wonderful group of women that I’ve been a part of in a very long time. I have had the opportunity to meet women from around the country. And having health issues, this has allowed me the ability to work on my own schedule, from home, mentor others, and earn great incentives plus commission. And most of all . . . encourage others to achieve their goals!

I host trunk shows in women’s homes, offices, or public places. The shows are fun, easy ( I take care of the invites) and hostesses earn 25% of sales in free jewelry.

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Stella & Dot gives back in huge ways. We built two schools in Nicaragua, as well as three community centers in the U.S., we just did a makeover on school PS16 in the Bronx, we raised money for breast cancer awareness, ovarian cancer awareness and autism speaks…raising over $750,000 in 2010 from the sale of our Tribute & Foundation Bracelets.

This November 27 we begin a very special program.For every fixed charm necklace that is sold, Stella & Dot will gift one to a military service women and family members. We are deeply grateful for all who serve and have served our country in the military. We know how much they sacrifice to protect us all! That’s why we are so excited to show our appreciation with Stella & Dot’s ‘Buy One, Gift One’ Military Gratitude Program starting November 27 – December 17.

Most of all at Stella & Dot we believe that “joy and passion” are her greatest accessories!

Starting on Thursday we are having a HUGE SALE through Sunday!   We will be adding a lot of sale jewels with an additional 25% off! These will be some wonderful pieces that make great gifts. Everything comes beautifully packaged delivered right to your door!

I have found that what inspires me the most about what I do as a Stella & Dot stylist and I am thankful for are the many divine appointments that God has brought together through a business. I believe in leaving people feeling better from having met you whether it is through one minute or one hour. When a lady shows up to a trunk show I never know if she’s had a difficult day, going through trials in her life or just needs to feel sparkly. So having that interaction, putting a beautiful necklace on her, and having her model for us while we all “ohh” and “ahhh”, really makes a woman feel special.  It’s all about brightening someone’s day!

I’m also blessed to have met many stylist that are on my team. They come from all walks of life and all have a different “why” as to the reason they have become a stylist. It is inspired me to see them reach those goals. One of my stylist is saving all of her trunk show money to take her family on a trip to Hawaii.  Another is working to earn money to get her own place, and another is saving to surprise her husband with a getaway that she pays for herself . . . and so many other stories.  I’ve heard stories of women that have needed money to pay for infertility treatments, medical bills, dream weddings, and occupational therapy for a child.

I love helping these women achieve their goals. And most of all . . . knowing that it is God that has orchestrated every divine meeting . . . through a business that I once said “no” too.

 Merry Christmas! and do not forget to register to win $100 in free jewelry. 

Kim Larsen


Please visit my facebook stylist page:

Stella & Dot in the News

Behind the Design of Stella & Dot jewels

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Rules of Entry: Just follow the above requirements for your chance to win.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Barbara Fowler says:

    wanted to sign up for the contest; where is the sign up? I tried different links above.


    1. Brake 5 says:

      Read the flyer and follow the instruction the links to go to are below at the bottom of the blog – visit her site, her facebook page and share your favorites on her facebook page


  2. agler2 says:

    Shared! Thanks for the chance to win!


  3. Terra Hall says:

    My fav Stella and Dot piece is the Bardot spiral bangle!


  4. Kim says:

    @Barbara… to be entered you need to go to Kim Larsen, Independent Stylist Stella & Dot on facebook…and tell me your favorite jewels! 🙂


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