Words of Wisdom from business owner Helen Bogus and your chance to win $100 for Christmas!

Brake 5 Ladies, I want to introduce you to one of our members, Helen Bogus of Sebring, Florida.  She and her husband Paul have been business owners for over 38 years.  I urge you to read her story and encouraging words if you are a new business owner or are considering beginning a new one.  Be encouraged!

Also, Helen is giving away $100 for those in the Highlands County and surrounding areas.  Follow her instructions to place your name in the draw by December 19th!

#3 Bogus Printing
Helen Bogus of Bogus Printing, Inc.

I, Helen Bogus, along with my husband, Paul Bogus, have enjoyed owning and operating our printing business, Bogus Printing, Inc., for the last 38 years. In 1974 we purchased the business in Lake Placid, Florida and in 2007 moved it to nearby Sebring. We service Highlands County as well as many cities in Florida, and throughout the country.

Bogus Printing, Inc. is a full service printing business and we enjoy giving our customers courteous and prompt service with our up to date equipment and competitive pricing and would be happy to help you with any of your printing needs.

Visit us at our Bogus Printing location or call us at 863-385-9800. To get to our office, which is located at 33 Ryant Boulevard, Sebring, Florida 33870, turn off highway 27 onto Ryant Boulevard next to the big green foot sign. Make an immediate left into West Shore Plaza and you will see our Bogus Printing sign. Ryant Boulevard is across from Lake Jackson and is just north of Hammock Road. Our email address is phbogus@earthlink.net.

To help celebrate the Christmas season, we’re giving away a gift of $100.00. Stop by our office by Wednesday, December 19th to sign up for the drawing, which will take place on Thursday, December 20th. The winner will be notified.

Bogus Printing Inc., is located at 33 Ryant Boulevard, Sebring, Florida 33870
Bogus Printing Inc., is located at 33 Ryant Boulevard, Sebring, Florida 33870

My husband, and I have been the owners of a printing business, Bogus Printing, Inc., for the past 38 years. Believe me, during all these years, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly but the good has far outweighed the bad and the ugly! I was 24 and Paul was 27 when we bought the business. We sure didn’t know what we were getting into but, if we had a chance to do it over, we would do it all again.

One of the most difficult times we’ve gone through as business owners was 16 years ago when Paul had multiple melanomas, one being a Clarks level 4. He had 4 surgeries and was out of work for several months. His doctor considered it a miracle that he made it and we were so very thankful to God that he did!

During Paul’s bout with cancer, we had to hire several of our competitors, who are also our friends, to help us with our workload and we also hired a full-time person to work in the business. We had just canceled our health insurance because it was going sky-high and hadn’t gotten our new policy yet so we had no health insurance.

God definitely carried us through this time period and we’re so thankful to Him and for our family and friends for standing with us. It’s so great when your customers and competitors are friends and come to your rescue during hard times. It took us years to get out from under this difficult financial situation and our accountant was amazed that we got out at all with our business still intact.

During the difficult economical times that our country is experiencing today, it helps us to look back and reflect on the love, provision, healing, wisdom and peace that God has provided for us throughout the years and to know that He will continue providing these things for all of us in every situation.

I’m 62 and Paul is 65 and we’re at the age where selling the business and retiring is a consideration. Of course, our business is like our baby and we hope, at some point, to find someone who would take good care of and enjoy the business as much as we do. We hope that our business will be just as big a blessing to someone else some day as it has been and continues to be to us. Another consideration would be to hire another person to train so we could have a little more time off and then we could keep our business for many more years to come. Whichever decision we make, we’re excited about what the future holds!

If you have the opportunity to go into business and feel that’s what you should do, then, I would say…. go for it and God will be there during both the good and bad times to carry you through!

Have a wonderful December and a blessed Christmas!

Helen Hill Bogus, Bogus Printing, Inc.

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  1. Pam says:

    Thank you Helen for sharing your heart, what a beautiful testimony!


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