2013 ~ 52 Weeks, 365 Days ~ Here We Come, Ready or Not!

2013 year celebration with fireworks

Well, well, well  . . . we survived the ‘end of the world’ at least twice in the last two years. What do you think will be predicted for 2013?  (sigh)  When will these idiots realize that the only, ‘ending to life’ , will happen . . . unexpectedly?  That there is not a pre-planned calendar day set for our nonexistence.

Seriously, how many  bought into the 2011 and 2012 scare thrills of                          1) God is coming back on such and such day of 2011;  and/or                                          2) December 21st was the end of the world!

Smile ~ my sarcasm is for fun (a little) . . .  I hope most of you laughed, loved, and lived more on those days than any other.

You know it is quite funny in how one can put so much faith into another person’s words or beliefs before checking their own.  I will say though, it does give the unbelieving a lot to think about; if those predictions were to ever come true.

 So, what am I doing on this last day of 2012?

Writing and enjoying every minute of it! 

Enjoying who I am, walking into 2013 ~ No place in time can capture the moment within ones heart that brings about the knowing of who you are.  Loving the fact that one is worth all that God has purposed under the sun for their life.  No matter, if it brings highs or lows, but just the knowing that His love, grace, and mercy cover it all.

I encourage you as you reflect upon 2012 to not allow the negatives to reign on your parade into 2013.  God has a plan for you, your family – filled with purpose and to impact those He graces your life to touch.  Begin January 1st with a renewed mind that the happenings of 2012 were set for a reason, not that you may know all the reasons of ‘why’, but that they marked your purpose with power.  That your steps into 2013 will be positioned set firm and steadfast.

As 2012 closes in a few short hours reflection upon ‘life’ these past twelve months has been quite a journey. It was a year of struggles, successes and failures.  It was a journey well worth the travel.

On a larger scale, this year seems to have lost some pretty powerful, meaningful, and life changing people.  I listed just a few below –  sorry if I missed some of your favorites . . .

Zig Ziglar – World-renowned motivational speaker                                                     Sally Ride – first woman in space; Neil Armstrong – first man to walk on the moon                                                                                                                                              General Norman Schwarzkopf                                                                                                  Rev. David Wilkerson                                                                                                                Andy Williams, Andy Griffith, Donna Summer, Whitney Houston, Etta James, Dick Clark, Gary Carter, Remi Ochilk, Jan Berenstain of the Berenstain Bears Books,                                                                                                                                                 Ray Bradbury – author and poet, Davy Jones, Mike Wallace                                 Don Brinkley, Michael Clarke Duncan, Larry Hagman(aka JR on Dallas)

Great friends of our family – Debi Plietner, Paula Saale – powerful motivating women filled with love for children and life.  Their legacy continues ~

These people impacted our lives in one-way or another.  In positive or in negative.  More than we realize.  Actors, authors, journalists, photographers, soldiers, musicians, singers, politicians, and spiritual shepherds/motivators.  Normal everyday people who walked in their purpose.  All had a part to play in our lives.  2012 brought about an end to their numbered days but not to their purpose.

Their purpose (ideas, beliefs, lifestyle, etc.) will continue to impact us.  How will it impact you?  How will you impact the lives of others in 2013?  Live a life filled with purpose.  Live unselfishly . . .

Just because this year is ending and another is beginning should not be a reason to start ‘anew’; ‘create a new story’; or ‘rid our lives of past regrets or people’.   To begin 2013 with an attitude of a new start, a new beginning is great.  In some ways, a new chapter to your life story is about to be ventured.  Sometimes, ending relationships can bring ‘life’ to your life.  However, the past and those in it have had some degree of influence of who you have become today and whom you are when 2013 begins.

So, I guess what I am trying to convey is that ~ begin 2013 with dreams, hopes, goals, but don’t forget how you got to where you are now. Nor, how you will begin January 1st.

It is in what you think second by second, in what you do day by day, in what you challenge yourself to do on a moment by moment basis that creates a new chapter, a new beginning, a relationship of worth with yourself and others.

This began the day you were conceived, the day you drew your first breath, they day you took your first step, and each morning your feet hit the floor.  Your story continues . . . Make it a Best Seller!

Happy New Year beautiful people! May God’s love, joy, grace and mercy be your cover for the days to come in 2013.

Keep Smilin ~ Jenn

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson are Copyright © 2008-2013. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Brake 5 says:

    Zenobia Jackson • Happy New Year Queen! I’m reminded of my Pastor saying, “Yes, it is a New Year, yet if nothing changes- nothing changes!” I’m so Excited because a lot has changed in my life but it did not change because of a New Year; it changed because of my desire to have a transformed mind, heart, and actions. I’m on a journey of total transformation and it’s all set on purpose and pleasing my Heavenly Father. I pray for a continued transformation in your mind, heart, and actions as well. We have work to do! 🙂

    Nothing But Love,


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