Details ~ LIVE TODAY ~ 2013 ~ Day 10/365, Week 2/52

God is in the details!

While I was driving my taxi stretch that I make every morning with the kids, I was praying and seeing what God wanted to say to me today.  That is what I got, “I am in the details!”

He is in every To Do list, every appointment set on the schedule for today, even in the laundry that has to get done. (Ugh!)

It takes patience and perseverance to continue our day while marking off a list that is the length of a roll of toilet paper.

Each day we wake up and in our minds we know exactly what has to be done in order for a successful day to be achieved.

The clock continues to tick whether we are running behind, run out of gas, lock our keys in the car, or worse – forget to pick up the kids from school (my experience).

Our roles of responsibility continue to climb quickly accompanied by their expectations; all reaching for some invincible goal that – to be honest – will never be met in one’s personal strength.

Of course, we do not realize the pace we’re traveling until we’ve come to a catastrophic halt caused by life’s hiccups.  From a coffee pot that won’t brew your ‘go juice’ when you are on your way out the door to getting a discouraging health report from your doctor.

Days seem to pass too quickly and the hours are shorter, the “To Do” list is longer.  From our coffee pots on the brink (a much-needed necessity for some of us), not enough clean underwear, homework that didn’t get done, bills piling up and money short, a promising business deal suddenly gone south, to an argument with our spouse.

Anything can trigger a halt in our lives – causing us to reflect upon not only what we are doing but also what is causing us to be stressed.  These triggers can express themselves as emotional blow-ups (anger, yelling, rudeness) or silent tears (sadness, depression, etc.).

No matter what size the hiccup LIFE doesn’t care and LIFE doesn’t wait for us to catch up.  It keeps trucking along, as we continue on this never-ending track.  Sometimes it takes all the unforeseen obstacles on this treadmill called life to get our attention.

All we have in our favor is God’s grace and strength that will produce peace.

By allowing ourselves to enjoy our relationship with Christ we are able to embrace the truth that God’s strength enables our “To Do” list, our agenda.  In addition, we can eliminate unnecessary triggers by double-checking our list to make sure that we have not ‘bit off more than we can chew”.

His peace comes to settle upon our stressful moments, our moments we become overwhelmed, or the times we are consumed with fear and doubt.

His peace passes all our understanding and through Him we are able to do all things.

I encourage you today to embrace God’s strength, rid yourself of ‘yourself’, and breathe in His peace.

LIVE TODAY! and . . .

Keep smilin’ ~ Jenn

Suggested Reading:  Philippians 4:7, 13

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson are Copyright © 2008-2013.  All Rights Reserved.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Brake 5 says:

    I see my own “self” in this article, and that would be my own personal reflections. During my last 12 months or so, I have reflections from my past 58 years on this earth. I now try to re-prioritize what is truly important (relationships in their many forms), striving to reduce my worldly duties and obligations, replacing them as much as possible with a peaceful existence with myself and those around me. My to-do list has been altered significantly because of this and I am a much better person for having done so.

    No longer is “getting ahead” my most pressing and urgent goal and I will continue to grow in my strength and faith every day, and my re-focus will hopefully bring me much greater rewards. I have lost many opportunities and have many regrets in my life as many of us perhaps do, but with the renewal of my mind and purpose, the future is bright!
    By Thomas Sawyer


  2. Brake 5 says:

    Another thanks to Jennifer for reminding us that God is in the details. Shortly after I posted my own comment, some things were happening at home that really were chaotic–important things that had to be taken care of and there was a tremendous amount of confusion and lack of communication from people we needed to talk with and appointments that needed to be scheduled. I recalled Jennifer’s discussion and quickly said out loud, “OK Lord, you heard all of this. It’d sure be nice if you’d put it all together.” Within 15 minutes all of the details for the day had fallen into place and my husband just looked at me in amazement (I was pretty amazed too!) and said, “When you prayed I never thought it would happen!” And, as we proceeded through the events of the day, major questions were answered and issues that need to be resolved fell into place and were scheduled for next week. God is amazing!!!!!
    By Barbara Parker


  3. Brake 5 says:

    Amen Sister!
    By Charlotte Underwood


  4. Brake 5 says:

    Oh yes, He is in the details!!! I’ve heard believers way too many times declare that God isn’t interested in the small stuff–the minutia of life–but I heartily disagree. If every hair on our heads is counted, and they are; if His eye is on the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, and they are; then how much more is He concerned with every aspect of our lives.

    He is a personal God who wants to be our best friend. In the physical sense we often share every detail of a situation with a loved one or best friend. How much more should we include Him is every thought/decision/action. When I remember to do this He makes the way sooooooo much easier!!!
    By Barbara Parker


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