Power ~ LIVE TODAY ~ 2013 ~ Day 14/365, Week 2/52

Who has power over you?

If you allow someone to control you through your past, secrets, offenses, anger, resentment, un-forgiveness, etc., you have given them the power over you and your purpose for your life.

These are types of people who will drain you, suck the life out of you, disrespect your boundaries and smile while doing it.  All the while, your destiny, your dreams are losing momentum.

Remember, the question earlier – Who are you allowing to ride shotgun in your life?

Have you thought anymore of it?  Take some time and write down who has the most impact in your life and how they affect the dynamics that surround it.  Is their impact positive or negative?

I did not ask if these people bring conflict.  Why, because sometimes we need conflict within relationships to bring about change.  Sometimes we need conflict with others to grow up.  That is what the word of God explains as, ‘iron sharpening iron.’  (We’ll talk more about that earlier)  There is no getting around it relationships will have conflict.  It is our choice of action, thought process, and spoken words that determine if we will grow or remain in a place that is stagnate.

Regarding the relationships that have the negative impact:

Do you ever fear saying, ‘no’ to a request?   If so, why do you fear saying, ‘no’?  Maybe your life is unbalanced by the effect of fear. Fear can be the driving force as to why we continually ‘yes’ with our mouths but our hearts are saying ‘no’.  Learning to say, ‘no’ will open that window of peace to bring in a refreshing breeze upon your anxiety.

“Using a peace meter versus a fear meter one might have the chance for survival within the walls of our relationships, our careers, and our intuitional activities (church, school, sports).”  ~ excerpt from Insightful Reflections of the Human Kind by Jennifer Goodson © 2012 All rights reserved. 

What is the motive behind your ‘yes’?  Man’s approval, acceptance, guilt, and competition . . . the list can go on.

Have you ever thought you may be saying ‘yes’ out of fear of hurting someone? Do you ever feel resentment towards the person you just said ‘yes’ to and wish you could go back and change your mind?


I will tell you how tomorrow – for today think on these things. Consider your ‘no’s’ and your ‘yes’s’ and how they affect your emotions, your thoughts, and your more important relationships.  If they affect them in a negative way . . .

It’s time for change –

I encourage you to embrace change and not run from it.  Change takes time, one step at a time, but you’ll make it through.

LIVE TODAY by making the first step –

Start by facing your fear, recognize the truth of your fear, its root – why are you afraid?

Keep smilin’ ~ Jenn

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson are Copyright © 2008-2013.  All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Brake 5 says:

    Great post. Thank you. This quote by Marianne Williamson speaks to it too: “Nothing binds you except your thoughts, nothing limits you except your fear, and nothing controls you except your beliefs.” Changing our mindset, having an attitude adjustment, places the power right back in our control where it belongs.
    By Bonnie Low-Kramen


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