Conflict ~ LIVE TODAY ~ 2013 ~ Day 15/365, Week 2/52

Conflict?  Who are you continually fighting with?

Yesterday, we talked about conflict and how it is good for us whether we are up for it or not.  Whether we have the strength or not, God will use conflict in our lives to push us towards a growth spurt.  He will use conflict to bring out truth, to expose a lie, or to break a mindset.  We may not like it at the moment.  We may want to run completely in the opposite direction.

Make note that running is never the answer because He will bring that same issue around the corner for you deal with again.  I know of someone who has run their entire life from conflict or dealing with deep-rooted issues because of fear.  They are willing to place the blame on someone else for their emotion of being uncomfortable.  Sometimes God allows us to walk through places that are not comfortable in order for us to realize a truth about ourselves.

I am going to talk about the number one conflict that God uses in everyone’s life.  This particular conflict is something that no one can out run.  We can blame someone else for it but in the end it is still there staring us down; waiting for combat.

Y O U –

We are our biggest enemy of the mind and soul.  We are the ones that can keep us from fulfilling our dreams, our goals, and our destiny.  We are the ones who place limitations upon our lives.  No one else can do it better than us.  Yes, others will place limitations on you, but they can only do that if you allow them, too.  Like I mentioned yesterday, a person has power over you only if you give them that power.

One of the biggest places of empowerment we give is comparing ourselves to others.  To be honest, if we ever fully grasped the reality of the fact that each of us were uniquely made for a different purpose than someone else than we would never compare our lives with another.  We would never compare our appearance, our shape, and our charisma with someone else’s.

Maybe, our happiness would not be found in out doing another person, losing ten pounds, having the right career.  Maybe, we would be able to find out who we really were meant to be and . . . just be ourselves.

Maybe we would stop turning towards our spouses, our kids, our career, food, addictions, etc., to fill our deep-rooted needs that only God can fill.  None of these were designed to fulfill our needs 100%.  No other person, no matter how great it looks to us or how great the relationship can fulfill our deep-rooted needs.  Not  a close friend, not a person of the opposite sex outside our marriage, not a romantic movie or book, not pornography, not alcohol,  not drugs, not even a daily workout regime.

Why, because then we wouldn’t need God to move in our lives.  Then we wouldn’t need an everlasting love that surpasses all pain and sin.  Then we wouldn’t need to pursue who we are meant to become.  Instead, we would become lazy having no motivation because we allowed our obsession with someone else or something else to control our lives.

It is time for the pity party to be over! Time for clean up!  Time for you to realize the things of your life that work against you are the very things God can use to make your dreams able.  WHAT!

Yes! Your nationality, your education, your body-image, all the things you find negative about yourself.  The things that bother you that cause you to look towards others to fulfill your happiness.  ALL of them can be used of God to keep you focused on the higher goal of pursuing your dream.

He will use them  along with the things you do like about yourself such as; your gifts, talents, abilities of unique skill, your personality, and intelligence to fulfill your destiny.

Do not compare your life, your makeup, your gifted skill set, to the reflection of another’s.  Why, because resentment will begin to settle in.  You’ll begin to believe you are not good enough – not qualified.  These are lies, mindsets to keep you from moving forward.

So, what do you do to fix it?

Face front – look at your purpose, your goal, your destiny – square in the eye – and speak to it saying:

“God takes me the way I am, right where I am at.  I know I have areas of my life to work on, but that does not mean my God can’t use me now . . . in my ‘right now’.  I will move forward and I will trust the Father to complete His work in me.   And while He is working in me I will be His Voice, His Hands, His Heart, and His Feet.  I, yes, me – just like this – can walk out my purpose of life one-step at a time.  I accept me for me just the way I am now.  I will not compare myself with another again.  I will not run from conflict.  I will not run from myself.  I will not blame others for my choices.  I will face forward and as I begin moving God is working in and through me because He says that I am good enough for this time right now.”

I encourage you to write down the areas of your life that keep you back from believing in yourself.  Write down the things that keep you comparing yourself to someone else’s life  – stop – allowing limitations to control your life.  Write down the things that keep you from knowing the truth. You will begin to see truth staring right in front you.

Don’t run when you see it – deal with it and you will begin living!

LIVE TODAY ! and . . .

Keep smilin’,  ~ Jenn

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson are Copyright © 2008-2013.  All Rights Reserved.

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