Emotional Affairs – LIVE TODAY ~ 2013 Day 16/365, Week 2/52

Emotional Affairs – an Extension of our ‘Boundaries In Relationships’ LIVE TODAY Devotions

Upon talking with someone a few days ago, who has walked this out and who is now educating others about the downfalls of social media tools – in addition to myself having counseling courses/experience in marriage and family that highlight this topic as well – I was enlightened to find that Facebook is becoming the new carrier of ’emotional affairs’ between married men and women with singles. This is sad but true.

I guess my take on it is this – if you are married the best thing to do so the door does not open for accusation, assumption, or even further temptation to have your emotional needs met – do not converse privately (emails, texting) with the married opposite sex.

  • If you can not discuss what you want to share out in the open for everyone to hear than maybe you do not need to be talking at all?
  • If it is something that you do not want your spouse to hear about or know about then you need to check your heart and look at the long-term effects?
  • If you are on the receiving end and know that this is not right, why allow it to continue?
  • Why not have respect for all persons involved?

Why set yourself, your marriage, your family up for deception. You will not find your needs met by another married person or someone outside your marriage. Why? You will lose your marriage and possibly your ability to build right relationship with your children.

Emotional affairs via social media are one of the leading causes for divorce. God’s word is very clear about the boundaries within marriages and friendships. Single people my word to you is to be careful if a married person of the opposite sex is connecting with you by saying things that make you feel good or maybe even uncomfortable – it might be innocent but the enemy of our souls is never out to make us happy.

After I posted the above last week to our women of Brake 5, a comment was posted by Brooke and thus why I encouraged her to share her story with the Ladies of Brake 5.

My take on this is that if you, someone you know, or for future reference are going through or have gone through what is discussed in Brooke’s words – Please know you are not alone – there are many others.

Feel free to share this with everyone you feel who would benefit and if you find that you or someone else needs to talk it through have them email me at jenn.brake5@mail.com or call my cell at 863.585.8937.  As a fulltime life coach and counselor/pastor I believe God connects certain people to share and minister to all who are effected in any circumstance. If you want to share a testimony or share your own experience for someone’s freedom please send me an email.

Note from Brooke Turner:  (Make sure to follow the link to read her story – you won’t be disappointed)

Hello everyone! Jennifer has asked me to write a little something on the topic of emotional attachment and inappropriate communication… so I wrote a lot! I know it is long, but please read it through until the end.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Both pieces are excellent.


  2. With 26 years of experience in the counseling profession and a Doctorate in Psychology I feel qualified to comment on this. With men and women in the work force, there are boundary issues. What starts as an innocent friendship can easily become an emotional or even physical affair. Most people don’t seek affairs, they slide into affairs by a gradual breakdown in boundaries. Then they use texts, emails, etc. to flirt and deepen the affair. There is a smaller percentage who are looking for affairs, who do present themselves as single when they aren’t. Even singles don’t present true information or accurate pictures online sometimes. Flirters beware. Most of the people I know who left a spouse to be with the person they had an affair with typically have relationship issues. They began a love affair on a crooked foundation of sneakiness, lies, manipulation, dishonesty, and unfaithfulness. Hence they are trying to build a relationship with a crooked foundation and trust will always be an issue because the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.


    1. Brake 5 says:

      Yes, Thank you so much for sharing this – it much needed for all viewers to see from a professional standpoint how gradual ‘innocent’ communication transpires into something that was not planned. Thank you for posting. ~ Jenn


  3. Brake 5 says:

    Social media has added a whole new level to personal responsibility! We must be as cautions with the things we write as we are with our words and actions.
    By Barbara Parker


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