Giving Up ~ LIVE TODAY ~ 2013 ~ Day 18/365, Week 3/52

Don’t Quit In the Pit

In times when I find myself in that place of wondering it is the hardest to pull myself out. To rely on an unseen source above is a struggle, but I have seen the fruits of His truth throughout my life.  The evidence is unfaltering.  Especially, in those times of the deep pit dwelling ~ He always comes through.

Don’t ever deny that you experience the place of unhappiness or of being depressed because you will only mask the root of the issues.  Be encouraged to not dwell in that deep pit but look up ~ continue to look up ~ don’t lose your focus – because the light at the opening of that pit WILL be seen.  To be honest, you do not want to ever lose hope that His light will be there to pull you out.

There have been times where I have been at my end; the place where I have nothing more to give.  I am spent! My famous words, “I am done.” and I walk away.  Only to return to the same issue the same situation within five minutes and realize my ‘done’ is not done.

Where I find myself once more . . . there again – unhappy, miserable, unappreciated, used, manipulated, abused, and controlled.  This time I do not know if I can or even what to grasp the hand that pulls me out every time.  This time I have realized that denial of my unhappiness will not bring happiness to my present.  In order for that to happen I have to remove myself from the one thing that is a constant hindrance.

It is the hardest to see how we give permission for those closest to us to dominate our lives; to rob us from who we really are meant to be.  We do not notice we are there until many years later.  Years later, after we have tried to mask the problem because we love them, we want to protect our relationship, our family . . . our heart.  Do you know what I am saying?

It is hard and it hurts when the realization that a person so close could be the one who is hurting you the most. The worst part of it is, you’ve given them the permission to do so and you are so far in that you do not how to get out.  That you do not know where or how to start to ‘fix it’.

Nothing is perfect.  Not in relationships, not in careers, not even in the places we try to escape.  There has only ever been one constant for me.  The one person who has never denied me a place near His heart.  The one person who will listen to my hurt, my pain, my frustration . . .

My brokenness –

Jesus is there always and the place I find Him is at the opening of my deep pit dwelling.  When I can’t understand the ‘why’, the ‘how’, or the ‘what ifs’.  He is my light, my constant, and the hand that pulls me up when I’ve fallen to my knees because there is no other place for me to go.

Refuge I find and I cling to.  Peace begins to flood my soul.  Healing takes my brokenness and pieces me back together. He is there with me all the while just waiting for me.  Each time it becomes that much easier to grab a hold of His outstretched hand.

There is no promise that each circumstance we go through will turn out the way we hope.  However, there is a promise that He will never leave us, never forsake us, that Christ will not give us more than we can handle.  He promises He is our strength, that through Him all things are possible, and that He holds us when we need it most.

He brings in the ‘fix it’ solution when we take time to find Him on our knees in the place of our deep pit dwelling.

I encourage you today to find Him on your knees, to reach up, grasp a hold of His hand, and take the steps towards experiencing His refuge, His peace, His healing.

He’s waiting  ~ just look up . . .

Psalm 143:7-8   “Answer me speedily, O Lord, for my spirit fails; hide not Your face from me, lest I become like those who go down into the pit (the grave).  Cause me to hear Your loving-kindness in the morning, for on You do I lean and in You do I trust.  Cause me to know the way wherein I should walk, for I lift up my inner self to You.”

2 Samuel 22:29 – 40  “For You are my lamp (light), O Lord; the Lord shall enlighten my darkness. For by You, I can run against a troop. By my God, I can leap over a wall. As for God, His way is perfect. The word of the Lord is proven. He is a shield to all who trust in Him. For who is God, except the Lord? And who is a rock, except our God? God is my strength and power and He makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of deer (firm and able) and sets me secure and confident upon the heights. He teaches my hands to make war. So that my arms can bend a bow of bronze. You have also given me Your shield of salvation; Your gentleness has made me great. You enlarged my path under me so my feet did not slip. I have pursued my enemies and destroyed them. Neither, did I turn back again till they were destroyed. And I have destroyed them and wounded them. So that they could not rise. They have fallen under my feet. For you have armed me with strength for the battle.”

LIVE TODAY!  and . . .

Keep smilin’ and trustin’ ~ Jenn

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson are Copyright © 2008-2013.  All Rights Reserved.

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