Faith ~ LIVE TODAY ~ 2013 ~ Day 19/365, Week 3/52

Unstoppable Faith

It’s time to shed ourselves of the old mindsets that keep us bound.   Time to begin to breathe in the new.  Time to walk in a tenacious faith that births healing, life, and joy.  A tenacious faith is the kind that does not give up, does not falter or doubt.  A tenacious faith continues to trust and believe no matter the current physical or emotional pain, no matter the present, the past, or the unforeseen future.

It’s time to get on with it. What are you waiting for?

I encourage you to find beauty in the little things that you may overlook throughout your day.

“Somehow, it is the ‘less’ of something that can become the ‘more’ that catapults you into a greater awakening of your inner self.  Once this is recognized, a release of something positive that was dormant begins to breathe life.  Sometimes, even a detox of our mind, spirit, and body takes place.  Begin by observing what is right in front of you for the ‘now’ so that your tomorrow is filled with joy and hope.”  ~ Inner Reflections of the Human Kind by Jennifer Goodson © Copyright 2012

LIVE TODAY!  by shedding off the old mindsets and embracing the truth God has for your . . . .


Keep smilin’ ~ Jenn

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson are Copyright © 2008-2013.  All Rights Reserved.

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