God’s Handprint ~ LIVE TODAY ~ 2013 ~ Day 21/365, Week 3/52

God’s handprint ~ day 3/3 of story of healing and discovery

The tenacious faith I spoke of earlier was the driving force that opened up my heart to believe that there was healing for my physical pain and sporadic paralysis.  It was a faith that did not quit.  It took discovery of God’s perspective of my life, for doubt not to take place any longer.  Once I had His handprint upon my blueprint, doubt was not allowed to enter.

Yes, I continued to worship Him.  There were times I would teach dance and I would be in so much pain that I would go to the corner or turn my head and let the tears flow.  Then, I would breathe in and pull on tenacious faith to keep going.  Doctors said I could have surgery,  place some metal pins in some places of my neck, but that there was not any guarantee that I would ever be able to move the same again, have a pain-free life, or be able to continue to dance.

The decision was before my husband and I to either have the surgery or to continue life dealing with pain and physical limitations.  I knew God’s word, I knew His promises for my life, and I now had present knowledge of what my life was destined to become.

I also knew that God uses doctors to bring healing and that we have to believe in all the avenues in which God uses.  Healing comes straight through Him either by His direct hand of wholeness or taking us home or by us seeing a physician that He connects our physical situation to.  Either way, God’s will for our life is completed.

God met me in my place of physical pain and gave me strength to push through.  The times of teaching dance were not over but they were scarce.  For about a year, I did not teach or even dance because of the anticipation of the pain that would exist.  Then we were asked to do an arts conference across the country.  We prayed and felt God say to go.  Just the action of going was a movement of faith on my part.  We went and God moved in ways that were unfathomable. My husband and I were changed as were the lives we ministered to.  It was a 4-day dance and visual arts conference, hours of movement, teaching, and speaking.  Pain was constant, but I pushed through.

On the last day of the conference we were asked to come forward for prayer.  My husband and I flow in the prophetic voice and know the power of intercession and prophetic song.  The church body we were ministering to that weekend minister fully in God’s anointing in those two areas.  Therefore, Keith and I knew and understood God had something for us.  The prophetic psalmist began to sing over us and this went on for almost an hour (at least it felt that long).  During that time, God did something in both of us that changed our lives and gave us a renewed passion for God’s people, the unsaved, and the arts.  We went home and continued our daily routine of life but with more zeal and more tenacious faith that God was going to heal me.  Within a few weeks of being home I started to realize that I could cut my food, I could lift certain things that I could not before.  The sporadic paralysis had ceased and the pain was gone.

Truth – healing came through worship, through prayer, and through obedience of believing.  Today I dance and teach, but more than that I have come to understand that the healing power of God comes in ways we are not able to fathom and at times when we least expect it.  Sometimes the road to healing is a road of discovery.

I encourage you to continue to allow God’s hand to direct you so that the blueprint for your life is marked by His handprint.  By doing this you are allowing your life to be surrendered to Him and thus His calling for your life will come into fruition.

LIVE TODAY! and . . .

Keep smilin’ ~ Jenn

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson are Copyright © 2008-2013.  All Rights Reserved.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. danafrost says:

    Thanks for sharing your story of healing. It’s beautiful and powerful. Blessings, Dana


  2. Fritz says:

    Let go, let God! If only we could do it more often.


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