Tenacious Faith ~ LIVE TODAY ~ 2013 ~ Day 20/365, Week 3/52

Tenacious Faith ~ a road of discovery and healing ~ day 2/3

No matter what the circumstance visually portrays the unforeseen is guided by His hand joined with our heart of tenacious faith.

The best way to experience truth and rely on God’s guidance is to learn and be consistent in the detoxing of our minds and the aligning of our hearts with God’s word.  No, this is not an easy task and there will be days we will falter.  The good thing is we can get back up again and keep moving forward.

I have my testament of tenacious faith one that God had me journey through not too long ago.  One that not many know about.  I do not know why I have not spoken of this before.  Maybe it is because I considered my healing a precious gift.  One that I hold very dear to my heart because the journey towards it was one of learning, growing closer to my Savior, and one that God used to show me who He has called me to be.

Many know that I have danced since I was a child.  Nothing spectacular or publicly awarding, but of great value to the heart of my Creator.  I’ve taken the classes at the conservatory, learned under a few amazing choreographers, and went on and continue to teach for several years now.  I enjoy the art of creating something from pure imagination and moving with music.  It is a gift from my Creator, one that I treasure deeply and share freely.  As I have gotten older, the best part of teaching and choreography is pulling out someone’s gift and talent and showing them that they are capable of something that is far beyond than what their mind can understand.  I delight in seeing their expression of realization that God their Creator loves to see their heart movement towards Him and that lives can be changed through their obedience, their gift.

About three years ago,  I had the opportunity to speak on the power of movement and its effect on the natural and spiritual realms.  How our movement and our voice create vibrations that shakes and moves the realms of which we cannot see.  Though we cannot see their effect they do indeed shift and cause a degree of deliverance, freedom, and declaration that destroys the plans the enemy has for our lives and those of others.

I guess the impact of that message rang louder than the natural place of being.   The next morning my son and I were in a car accident on the way to his school.  To make a long story short,  the impact (vibrations of movement) caused physical damage to my spine and physical movement.  I was told by doctors that I would eventually not be able to dance, that my spine was ‘ splintering’, and that I would lose complete feeling in my hands, arms, and legs.

Devastated and Confused – yes – Scared – yes . . .

Physically, everything was against me.  My hands and fingertips would go numb – I would try to cut my food or prepare dinner and not be able to grip the knife or apply enough pressure to cut.  A few times I would be cutting and I would look up to find my fingers bleeding because I had cut myself but did not feel the cut.  Eventually, my husband had to cut my food and open bottles of water for me.  I would drop things and not realize I dropped them until I heard the shatter of glass on the floor.  I could not lift or move my arms like I had before in dance or even in lifting up a bag of groceries.  My neck would not move completely to the right or left.  There was constant pain in my back and neck and migraines that would not go away.  Many times I would wake up in the middle of the night or the next morning to find that I could not feel one side of my body, it had gone completely numb and could not move.  I would have to wait for few minutes sometimes almost an hour before I could get any movement.  There are many other things that I could not do due to the partial paralysis that came and went through the course of two years.

Frustrated – yes; Scared – yes; Doubtful – that I would ever dance or write again – yes –

My gifts, talents, and calling were under attack and all I could do is ask . . . Why?

Sometimes the why’s are never known to us until we walk through a journey of discovery.  Those two years were a placement of discovery of who God planned for me to be and what He planned me to do.  You see, I always thought I was a dancer, a choreographer and nothing else.  My gift had become my identity   A false truth of God’s purpose for my life.  Your identity does not lie within your gift, your talent . . .   If I had not had those two years of God taking me to another place to find out there is something more I would still be in a place of finding.

I had to be willing to lay down what I believed to be my calling, my destiny to discover His truth, His promise for my life.   When the discovery came that His plan was more for me than what I could have ever had hoped for, I was and still am greatly humbled.

I urge you not to place your faith in your gifts or talents but in your relationship with Christ.  I will share tomorrow on where my faith took me and how God healed me.

LIVE TODAY!  and take hold of your relationship with Christ and trust that He has a perfect plan for you no matter what it may look like at this time.

Keep smilin’ ~ Jenn

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson are Copyright © 2008-2013.  All Rights Reserved.

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