Positive Chemistry: 5 Incredible Health Benefits of Forgiveness

Brake 5 Ladies – My good friend, Edward Pingenot, is back with us to share some truths about forgiveness, emotional and physical healing.  I encourage you to read his post thoroughly and grasp a hold of the simple truths shared.  I hope you enjoy reading what he has to share.

Edward A Pingenot IIIwww.RevivetheBody.com
Edward A Pingenot III
Edward Pingenot is the founder of Revive the Body, where he also serves as the company’s chief consultant and primary health coach. Edward specializes in helping others address the root cause of their chronic ailments, integrative therapeutics, cellular detoxification and functional nutrition.
Many suffering people seem to contact Edward when nothing else works and, to their excitement, experience tremendous success soon after.
 To learn more about Edward and Revive the Body, please visit www.RevivetheBody.com.

Positive Chemistry: 5 Incredible Health Benefits of Forgiveness

At last we meet again. As always, it is quite a privilege to spend this time with you. If it is your first time here with us – welcome.

We have gathered once more to discuss important keys to obtaining abundant health and life. Our topic for the day: the incredible health benefits of forgiving others.

Are you ready to increase in your health?

My name is Edward Pingenot. Let us begin.

Did you know that your emotions can influence your state of health and well-being? They can, indeed.

In fact, there are thousands of biochemical reactions that occur in your body every day as a result of your feelings and emotional disposition (i.e. joy, pain, sorrow, anguish, love, resentment, determination, faith, etc.). Some of these can bolster your health and immune system functionality, while others can be debilitating, blocking your progress toward healing, happiness and fullness of joy.

Prevailing medical literature and my own personal experience working with others can undoubtedly attest to the remarkable healing potential of forgiveness. I have observed that clients who can learn to forgive others, as well as themselves, tend to walk in greater confidence, peace, restoration and accelerated healing than those who perpetually cling to negative feelings.

Today you will learn five incredible health benefits of forgiving others.

It may come as a surprise that forgiving is a skill that you can develop, and that granting forgiveness may actually benefit you more than the person being forgiven. But it is true.

Harvard Women’s Health Watch discusses the following five positive health effects of forgiving that have been scientifically studied.1 I will comment on each.

#5. Reduced stress. Researchers found that mentally nursing a grudge puts your body through the same strains as a major stressful event: Muscles tense, blood pressure rises, and sweating increases.

This is a big deal, considering that roughly 85% of all physician visits are related to stress.2

That’s right – whether you are dealing with digestive problems, blood pressure issues or a sinus infection – your stress load plays a major role in your body’s ability to prevent and recover from such conditions.

Remember: forgiving others = reduced stress = key to staying healthy.

#4. Better heart health. One study found a link between forgiving someone for a betrayal and improvements in blood pressure and heart rate, as well as a decreased workload for the heart.

This one goes hand-in-hand with number five: reducing stress.

You cannot always control the things that happen to you, or the way people treat you, but you can learn how to react well.

Further, it might not always be easy, but learning to release others who have offended you is important in order to achieve optimal health. The key is in how you look things.

Think of it this way – Choosing not to forgive is like choosing to be emotionally overweight. Physically overweight individuals are at much greater risk for chronic illness, including heart disease. The same is true emotionally.

Choose to forgive and be emotionally fit. Your heart will thank you for it.

#3. Stronger relationships. A 2004 study showed that women who were able to forgive their spouses and feel benevolent toward them resolved conflicts more effectively.

Conflict is inevitable and is often the proving ground for most relationships.

There are many elements that go into maintaining a strong relationship, but a couple’s ability to truly forgive one another is one of the most significant determining factors in whether conflict will bring them together, or draw them apart. This is true for all relationships.

Forgiving others is like extending a peace treaty. It can preserve relationships and keep heated debates from turning into nasty bouts of name-calling. It can cultivate trust and sympathy, heal emotional wounds and strengthen bonds of friendship  – These traits produce strong relationships.

#2. Reduced pain. A small study on people with chronic back pain found that those who practiced meditation focusing on converting anger to compassion felt less pain and anxiety than those who received regular care.

Again, this is a big deal, especially when you consider that chronic pain is the number one cause of adult disability in the United States.3

Forgiving others often involves navigating through our own feelings and choosing to extend grace and love, regardless of how the other party feels. Allowing for this type of paradigm shift enlarges our capacity to release others and convert our corrosive negative emotion into powerful healing potential.

#1. Greater happiness. When you forgive someone, you make yourself—rather than the person who hurt you—responsible for your happiness. One survey showed that people who talk about forgiveness during psychotherapy sessions experience greater improvements than those who don’t.

Permitting others to determine your level of happiness will eventually end in disappointment. Certain aspects of life and relationships are naturally beyond your control, but the choice to move forward toward abundant life is ever-present.

To forgive = freedom = control over your life = good choices = more happiness.

To conclude,

Your emotional disposition can profoundly affect your overall health. Embracing forgiveness can position you to receive highly nutritious perspective, growth and success.

Forgiving does not always mean forgetting, and does not always result in reconciliation. Sometimes pride, distance or death can make it impossible to meet with your offender. Nevertheless, you can still choose to forgive, and the biochemistry associated with true forgiveness is powerful and healing.

When you forgive others, you are choosing freedom over bondage, healing over sickness – life over death.

Well, dear reader, I would like to say that our journey has ended, but it has truly only begun. I hope you have enjoyed our time together, I know I have. My prayers and support are with you, until next time…

May strength come to your body, life to your spirit, and peace to your mind. Godspeed.

1. “Power of Forgiveness – Forgive Others” – Harvard University
2. “The Doctor Told Me That My Stress Caused My….” – Kansas State University
3. “Facts on Chronic Pain” – Middle Tennessee State University
Testimonials given from others on Revive the Body (www.revivethebody.com) and Edward – these testimonials have been taken from Revive the Body website.Rick Pino, Founder of Fire Rain Ministries
“Over the years I have watched my friend Edward be consistent in his pursuit of a life of humility and integrity. He is filled with wisdom and understanding but most importantly, he is a powerful conduit of the love of God. It is my sincere belief that Revive the Body and the services of Edward Pingenot are beyond relevant for the hour that we live in and will help many reclaim and optimize their health.””

Jeff Reeser, COO and Staff Pastor, The Ramp
“As a staff pastor and church leader, I cannot over emphasize the importance of maintaining balanced physical health. I consistently witness the effectiveness of my fellow ministers and our congregations hindered by preventable sickness—fatigue and exhaustion to chronic congestion and allergies. Undoubtedly, the fruitfulness of our churches and ministries would increase as the result of focused intentional wellness coaching. In pursuit of this aim, I trust Edward’s guidance for my personal wellness and the wellness of my ministry teams and congregations.”

To read more testimonials please visit Edwards website Revive the Body – by clicking this link: http://www.revivethebody.com/recommendations/

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  1. wonderful post – so true, and so practical too!!!


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