One Moment with God . . .

Brake 5 Ladies, I want to introduce you to a woman that inspires not only by who she is in Christ, but through the creative inspirational gift of music.  Kimberly Hazlett, is a jewel that radiates the love of Christ to all who cross her path.  I have had the pleasure of being encompassed in the presence of God through her songs of worship.  I encourage you to read what she has to share with us and also check out her music that can be purchased through the link provided.

Kimberly Hazlett Songwriter & Worship Leader
Kimberly Hazlett
Songwriter & Worship Leader

Kimberly lives with her husband and 2 beautiful daughters in Orange, CT. Loving God and loving people are two of her passions.  Whether singing from the keyboard on a platform or chatting with a barista in Starbucks, Kimberly enjoys helping people to connect with their Father in Heaven. She loves to open the door to His presence and create an atmosphere where people can easily connect with their Creator.

Click here to view Kimberly’s music for purchase

The words “How deep, how wide, how long, how high: your love” played in the background as I got ready to put down some thoughts regarding worship. It is amazing how deep truths accompanied by a sweet or powerful melody can penetrate our hearts and even bring us to tears.  I am forever amazed by a God who reaches into our world, at the very time we need him to and touches us in exactly the place we need His touch most!  I am in love!

God has placed within us all a need to connect with the very one who made us in His image.  Nothing in this world will complete us like He does.  We can search far and wide, but nothing and no one can ever fill the void we have if He is not living in us…close as the air we breathe.  Did you ever notice how a day goes all wrong when we rush about trying to do things on our own?  Or how our perspective is so distorted when we submerse ourselves in the media and surround ourselves with negative voices?  We all need to connect with our Creator; our Father; our God.  When we spend time in His presence, His heart connecting with us, our perspective begins to look more like His.  Our minds begin to open up to His thoughts.  We can hear more clearly what He is saying, feel more distinctly what He feels for us, see with more clarity how He sees us, and open up to more truth about who He really is for us.

God can do in a moment what may take weeks, months or even years of counseling.

He is the best listener, the most comforting, completely honest, and wants to be our best friend.  He is calling us to a place where we naturally worship, because we put ourselves in such a position.  When you sit at His feet and lift your eyes to His, what more can you do, but tell Him He’s beautiful?  When you sense His heart beating for you while spending time in His Word, how can you do anything less than tell Him He’s wonderful? Worship is a natural part of our lives WITH Him.  When we are spending time aware that He is always there, our spirit rejoices and a natural response is to honor Him by expressing thanks in worship from our hearts.

When we worship Him, we are simply recognizing and giving worth where it is due. We can worship with our song, with our prayers, with our hands lifted high. We can demonstrate His worth to us by recognizing His life in others and honoring them. So much of what we say and do can be worship. I want my life to worship Him, but I am more likely to live as a worshiper when I am in a state of God-awareness on a moment by moment basis. We can live this way. We can live with such an awareness that He is with us that we begin to enjoy our lives in the way He longs for us to. You know the way you wish you could stay at school with your little one after you drop them off to their first day of Kindergarten? Well, God wants to be with you and He never wants to drop you off. He wants to be intimately involved in your life. Have you ever known anyone who could come along and walk with you through every detail, every decision, and every experience?  He can and He wants to!!

What can compare to the love of God? It’s everything to me. “How wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ” (Ephesians 3:18b) I encourage you to ask God to increase your awareness of His presence and to celebrate life with Him everyday!!

Kimberly Hazlett
Songwriter & Worship Leader
Click here to view Kimberly’s music for purchase

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