The War on Family . . .

A war rages from centuries past, against the value of marriage and family.  This war is in our midst every day, right in front of our eyes . . .

In a garden, inhabited by one-man one woman, it began. When the enemy of our souls turned husband and wife against one another with his weapon ‘shame’.  The ‘blame game’ was on . . .

Continuing throughout history, forming itself through many vices making the hearts of men and women, young and old the bull’s-eye for death.

We have a choice to take part or not.  We have the choice to choose between God’s way or the world’s way.

Many have been wounded; have gone before us becoming martyrs for its cause.

Our enemy does not care what gender we are.  To him we are nothing.

Our enemy does not care what age the war begins.  To him the spirit of a person is the threat.

We are just puppets in his plan to destroy marriage, family . . . God’s people.

We can either choose to compromise or walk in truth.

In one-way or another, all of us have bought into the lie.  We have made it about something that derails from the truth.

It is not about politics, human rights, equality, or race . . . but we have made it that.

What this war is about . . . is truth, unity, and unconditional love.  The value of marriage and family.


If our enemy, Satan, can distort the minds of children then he has a foothold to damage their hearts.  Which in turn, will create a wound so deep that it will control their outlook on life, marriage, and family.  Turning all words of those who compromise or work against God’s plan in a war of manipulation that will affect the hear gate of the child.  Leaving the affected child to develop as an adult who is scarred, confused, and blind to the truth of who God is, of what God has planned for their lives, and how God plans to use them to birth and show love to a dying world.

Ultimately, Satan’s strategy is to destroy God’s people by destroying the true identity of family.

How do we strategize against such a force?

Be Christ to all people . . .

Show unconditional love towards all mankind no matter their gender, their race, or their ethnic background.

Judgment must depart from our thoughts, our mouths, and our actions.  It is best to hold our tongues then to release venom of judgment that kills the spirit and hearts of others.  There is a difference between judging a person and loving a person enough to walk with them to freedom.

We are to live by the spirit of God not by our flesh.  We are to love others as He loves us.   Do unto others as we would want done unto us . . .

We do not have to accept a sin, but we are to accept the person.  We can still embrace one another, which opens the door for discipleship and accountability.  Which in turn, leads to deliverance and freedom.


Because . . . we are all broken. We are all in need of a Savior.  We are all in Christ’s eyes ~ His family.

Choose truth and may it lead you to freedom of mind, body, and spirit.

Don’t forget, that if you choose truth, you must lead with love.

Love wins every time over anything a wagging tongue releases.

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson are Copyright © 2008-2013.  All Rights Reserved.

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