Louie Giglio – Stars and Whales Singing Praise to God

Sharing again something that is wonderfully amazing of how God and nature create!!! Worship through all living creatures . . .

This is truly amazing and will inspire each of you that our Creator creates everyone, everything, every creature for a purpose. A few months ago, we had a testimony of healing of the heart from one of our Creation House members. A healing she has been waiting on since 1997 – healing came just 2 days ago! God is still healing hearts and we are excited about more testimonies like these to come ♥  How Great is our God! No one can fathom or completely understand – meditate on how great Jesus Christ is and how He has showered His mercy and grace upon our lives.

Louie Giglio, demonstrating how stars and nature are singing to God. Very powerful. Watch and comment!

I’ve added an extra video for you to grasp it in full session.  These are for those who missed it the first time and for all our new members to Brake 5 or for those who have never heard of Louie Giglio.

Keep smilin’ and creating,


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