Daughters For Sale

Brake 5 Ladies, I want to introduce to you Daughters For Sale, a new organization founded by two precious friends of mine, Richard and Elizabeth Aronson.

Daughters For Sale

Daughters For Sale: Exposing the Demand

– a documentary about the girls that are forced to have sex for money and the men that buy them

Statistics tell us that, in the United States, somewhere around 100,000 girls, under the age of 18, are forced into prostitution every year and the average age of entry: 13-years old.

That just doesn’t seem right.

What We Want to Do

Daughters For Sale: Exposing the Demand is a documentary film about the demand side of domestic minor sex trafficking. DMST is a huge problem in the United States but if we can affect the demand we can slow down or even stop the supply. By exposing the way men buy these kids and use them we hope to cause a shift in popular cultural thinking. That’s what we want the movie to do but what we also want is to provide houses of refuge for those kids trapped in that life. We are committed to putting every penny the film makes into funding these homes.

How You Can Help

We are in the launching phase of this project. You may be asking yourself, “what does launching phase mean?” That’s a great question. We are glad you asked. The launching phase means we are ready to start shooting this film but we need to take care of a few things first.

Here’s what we need:

  • $2,500 to cover attorney fees for setting up non-profit (including filing 501(c)(3) paperwork)
  • $2,500 to:                                                                                                          ◦  set up website                                                                                                      ◦  travel to New Orléans, D.C., and New York to film promo video for future fundraising

We don’t necessarily need all of the above in cash. Maybe you are an attorney or someone who has set up a non-profit in the past and you want to help us. We would love that. Maybe you have airline miles or hotel rewards that you can donate to us. We’ll take’em.

Donations are not tax-deductible at this time. They will be once we get the 501(c)(3) set up. 🙂

What we don’t need:

  • Website designers
  • Video production people (at least not yet)
  • People who want to say they are a part but don’t really want to do anything

Once we get the non-profit set up we will take the next step towards production of this film and that will be to launch a massive fundraiser for the film itself. We are looking to raise between $50,000 and $100,000 to shoot, edit and distribute this movie. We will let you know more about that as things progress.

Daughters For Sale: Exposing the Demand is the name of the documentary. We haven’t decided on the name of our non-profit yet but will soon. If you have any suggestions feel free to submit them to daughtersforsale@icloud.com

Taking The Next Step

So you want to be a part. Great! Here’s what you can do. If you want to give cash donations feel free to write us a check made payable to Mobility Media Design or you can go HERE to use your credit card.

If you want to offer your services please do that via email. You can reach us at daughtersforsale@icloud.com.

Richard and Elizabeth Aronson Daughters For Sale
Richard and Elizabeth Aronson
Daughters For Sale

Richard and Elizabeth Aronson, the couple behind this film, want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to consider helping with our project. If you have any questions at all feel free to email us at daughtersforsale@icloud.com or you can call Richard at (360) 292–8087. Thank you again.



Brake 5 Ladies,
After talking with my friend about their goals, seeing their video, and reading the material I feel that Brake 5 will have a part in making their goal come to pass not just presently but longterm. I would really like all of you consider not only giving financially, but most importantly praying for this new venture. Human trafficking is devastating to many women, young girls, and families around America. Along with prayer, I would like to hear back from as many as would like on their views on human trafficking and if need be what you would do if you had the opportunity to place materials in someone’s hands to expose, eliminate, and bring recovery to those affected. You can comment below or email me privately jenn.brake5@mail.com
Jennifer Goodson
Founder of Brake 5

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