Ask, Seek, and Knock ~ a formula that produces fruitfulness

As women we must come to a place where our complacent ways of being become irritated to the core causing us – catapulting us – into a new area of activation and creativity. This is how we stay young, vibrant, alive, and everyone including ourselves enjoys being around us. We should not get into the routine of our daily lives and stay closed minded. We must continue to broaden ourselves by interaction, activation, and creation. By doing so, we are reproducing the gifts and talents within us and changing lives at our fingertips.

We become fruitful and productive in the areas He has given us responsibility. Our relationship with Him, our health, our home, our marriage, our children, our career, and our relationship with others will be impacted as we embrace the formula of the spirit: Ask Seek Knock    =  Growth, Change, and Freedom


Brake 5 blogs and all written works by Jennifer Goodson are copyrighted.  Insightful Reflections of the Human Kind. 2008-2012 © Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

via Ask, Seek, and Knock ~ a formula that produces fruitfulness.

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