~ One Mom’s Chaotic Mess Turns Into Many Blessings ~

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful moms, grandmoms, moms to be, and spiritual moms. You are the heart of your home; highly favored and graced by the hand of the Father. So, work it today girls and enjoy all the lovin’. You are so worth it!

Remember in our toughest moment when all hell is breaking loose that Jesus’ name stills all chaos.  

  • When the kids are running late for school ~
  • When the dog has to go out and cannot wait ~
  • When the husband has cold water for his shower because you forgot NOT to put on the laundry before he got out of bed ~
  • When the bus driver is honking their horn for your child to hurry
  • When you had a perfect day planned and the school nurse calls to come pick up kid #1 AND kid #2~
  • When the scale reads 3 pounds more than last Sunday ~ ugh! ~
  • When your teenagers are mimicking all that you say and not doing what you say and all you want to do is scream!!!! ~
  • When the kids and husband have found your stash of sweet goodness – NOT funny ~
  • When the sock basket has no more matching socks and your husband is left to wear your son’s ankle socks – one navy, one black ~
  • When you forgot to pick up the milk for tomorrow’s breakfast~
  • When you forgot to pick up your son after school because your head is wrapped up in numbers doing taxes ~
  • When it is pouring down rain out before the sun comes out and the dog has to go pee and runs out the door before you can grab the leash to ATTACK the neighbor’s dogs (behind a fence of course) and you’re praying to God that you can catch your dog 😉 ~
  • When you have company for spring break and your husband is cooking on the stove top with your only and favorite GLASS casserole dish and it blows up from here to China and back leaving an egg mess all over the kitchen ~
  • When you have run out of money to pay the bills and totally have to rely on . . .

G O D’s strength and grace to get you through each chaotic moment.  Yep, that about sums up.

But we know it is oh so worth it! The joy we see on our children’s faces, the laughter we hear, and tears of joy when we say “I love you”.  They are our winning stars!

 “Just as a mother stands behind her child when he takes his first steps. So, does our heavenly Father as we take flight towards spiritual growth. Ensuring accurate timing, accurate destination, and accurate landing.”    ~ Portals of Wisdom by Jennifer Goodson © 2010 Copyright. All Rights Reserved.


I so enjoy being a mom to my three gift souls – Michael, Ashlynn, and Alyssa Jewell

Happy Mother’s Day!

~ Keep Smilin, Jenn

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