A Father’s Role is Powerful . . .

A father brings something to a heart of a child that no other paternal figure can ~ faith in believing in who they can be.  A mother can bring this to a certain degree. However, a child continually looks for the validation, approval of the Father.

With simple words he can bring hope, security, love but one most important life-long changing element that he can give to a child . . . is the foundation of self-worth.  With his words and time well spent with a child – strength within their inner core is developed to be all that they are called to be.

The role of a Father is powerful – whether he is blood or not – his role should not be taken lightly.

~ Inspired by Radio Guest Host Crystal Gaines who pushed me to write at the spur of the moment on ”Music for Ya Soul with Dr. Love’ and Ser Station www.serstation.com Live Radiohttp://www.supernaturalempowerment.com

2012 © Jennifer Goodson

This is a reblog but wanted to share again for today is Father’s Day!



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  1. mdetweiler says:

    and when this doesn’t happen the wound is great. Unfortunately, there are many people (adults) walking around with father wounds.


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