A Parent’s Bittersweet Anticipation

As I am anticipating the end of one season and going into the next, my emotions are bittersweet.  I cherish the time I have had with my children during the summer and wish that school and life could be one that is not hindered by current economics.  However, for some we are not as fortunate to stay at home and home school our children.  For us we have to muster up the strength to release them into the ‘wild’.

My heart is torn each year as I prepare my children for school where they will learn of the world in order to live in an imperfect world that is forever changing.  Neither heads nor tails, it is a positive and a negative from each side the coin may land.  Change for the good and change for the bad.  I know they will learn life skills to set them abroad their quest, which will enrich their minds.  It is the mixture of other things I wish they would not have to learn at such an early time in life or that they would not be tempted to taste.  Spiritual endurance is my prayer for each time the front door swings open and shut.

As a woman following after the things of my Creator, I have to continually pull from the inner strength of my relationship with Him to know that He will protect, guide, and oversee my children’s days within the ‘system’.  I pray each year for them to receive Godly spirit-filled teachers and administration staff to oversee their education.  I know the world is not perfect, it is challenging to say the least but at the close of the day I have to stand on my trust in God.  After all, He has their best interest at heart.  He loves them more than I do even though my love for them feels as though it will explode.

Therefore, as I set my mind upon the things of tomorrow and rest in God’s embrace I know that my children will be protected, cared for by wonderful teachers, and guarded against any weapon formed against them this coming school year.  I am sure I am walking this road of parenting with so many others of like mind and heart. Mixing our children within a system that is faulty and does not believe in God is shaky.  However, God places strategic people in position within the ‘system’ to bring about the protection needed, the Godly wisdom to aid our children’s growing minds, and the comfort of the Holy Spirit to give direction and beautiful care to the hearts we hold so dear.

Yes, I am mixed in emotions when releasing my children into the ‘wild’.  NEVERTHELESS, I am not in fear because God is in control of all that transpires within the lives of my children.  I know this because they have been dedicated to Him since the day they were conceived .  He knows the plans for their futures and in that, I will rest and reside in trust.

May God bless the teachers, volunteers, and administration staff of every school that is shortly beginning.  May God grant wisdom, guidance, and a keen sense of discernment to each one towards each child that is entrusted in their care.  May God give each parent peace and wisdom to pray for his or her children.  May God give each child unfathomable favor, protection, guidance into every situation and relationship that comes his or her way.  May God give each child discernment, peace, and the ability to see others through His eyes of love.

Keep pressing into the veil for your children.

A mom who prays for her three gift souls . . . .


All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson © 2008-2013 Copyright.  All Rights Reserved.



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