Be Anxious for Nothing . . .

“Resting in Him to supply all our needs is an action of tenacious faith, endurance, and trust. Something that is learned over time and well worth the building of character.  Just breathe God’s got you!”  ~ Jennifer Goodson © 2013

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson © 2008-2013 Copyright.  All Rights Reserved.

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  1. roy stewart says:

    What a blessing the Lord has waiting for each of His kids when they discover the total joy in the Lord that comes when we do release our ties to this world and trust God for all things. I pray that for all His children who are still seeking it…My testimony is that I was lost until the age of 47, sought that joy that God talks so frequently in His word and it came to me just three short months ago at the age of 65…That’s a long time in the desert, but proves once again that we each must be still and wait upon the Lord for ALL things because His timing is always perfect so long as we don’t slow His process for us with our poor choices along the way. To Him be all the praise and glory, Amen.


  2. Brake 5 says:

    I love it Jennifer!!! “Just breathe, God’s got you.”

    This sounds so much like me as I soothe my infant granddaughters saying, “it’s OK honey, Nana’s got you.” Perhaps we need to visualize ourselves as His little ones, secure in His arms as He rocks us.
    By Barbara Parker


  3. Brake 5 says:

    When we can totally rest and trust in the Savior knowing He ordains our footsteps and will be with us through all the celebrations and also through all of the sorrows; we can with assurance be at peace in our spirit and at peace with all matters at hand!
    By Robert Cooper


  4. Very good. If we could only learn in all areas of our life at one time, that God does have us. But it is a surrendering of one area at a time. He is faithful and never lets go.


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