The ‘Tough Mudder’ of Marriage . . .

A word of encouragement to married couples –

Do not . . . do not allow the enemy to come in to steal and destroy the destiny that has been spoken over your marriage.  Especially, couples that strongly believe that their marriage is called of God that it was not something by chance.

Even just a moment of doubt can bring an avalanche of division.  The enemy will use anyone to speak against you and your spouse just so that there is a foot in the door of the House that God has set into place.

Family members (parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins), close friends, and even co-workers are usually the first to speak ill of your relationship.

Marriage is not easy nor is it comfortable.  The Word of God says it is better, to stay single than to get married ONLY because marriage is two individuals learning how to become one.

Becoming one unit is an unconditional unselfish way of living.  It is not easy.

To be honest . . . if you are not up for the tests, the obstacles that make you change and to let go, the journey that builds your character, the ditches that teach what true love and commitment is, the warfare . . .

The ‘tough mudder’ of marriage than you need to pray and pray hard! 

I did not say ‘get out’ I said PRAY!

Ask God to show you what you need to change, what you need to let go, how to walk in forgiveness, and how to live unselfishly.


The only way you and your spouse will make it is through prayer, through dying to selfishness, through living sacrificial, and through continually walking in forgiveness to EVERYTHING (lies, affairs – betrayal, selfishness, sickness, poverty, etc.).  Giving of yourself daily.

Nothing can escape the cleansing of a forgiving soul.

Therefore, I want to end with this word of experienced wisdom . . .

To shut the mouth of the enemy and of those who believe that they are doing ‘right’ – Shut your mouth!

Only use your voice to pray over your marriage, to speak life, and to speak healing.

Ask God to show you who is speaking against your marriage, who to not talk to about your struggles.

Ask God to show you who you can trust that are not family, friends, etc., or those who you know would not be bias.

Ask those intercessors that God has placed in your life that are strong in Him, that do not know anything of what is going on presently, to PRAY.

Then be accountable to someone who is again not family or too close to the situation to talk to and have them pray God’s will over your marriage.

Do not choose those who are struggling in their own marriage or those who are single.  Chose those who are for your marriage, do not chose those who are against it or those that walk in jealousy.

Speak scripture over your marriage.  Declare those prophetic words that have been spoken over you, your spouse, and your children.  Stand firm and trust that God’s work is not done in you yet.  Pray for the mouth of the enemy to be shut.  For those who are speaking against your marriage, pray that God will shut their mouth and dry up their desire to want to ‘help’.

God will give you wisdom.  He will give you strength and He will give you the tools you need to win the fight!  You and your spouse are not enemies.  You are on the same team.

Learn to walk in forgiveness, keep your mouth shut from speaking against your marriage, and PRAY!

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson © 2008-2013 Copyright.  All Rights Reserved.

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