Behind the Mask

behind the mask

“Everyone is called to greatness in Jesus Christ. Just don’t ever confuse that with being ego centered and greater than everyone else is. Why . . . because when you do, you become a lover of yourself. Eventually losing the ones closest to you that have always loved the real you – the big, the bad, the ugly, and the even beautiful you. Time for the mask to come off and enjoy what and who you have been given, who you really are, and begin living in reality. Hiding only brings more pain and the pit deeper and harder to crawl out of . . . to only find yourself alone and those who loved you gone. Yes, truth be told, God’s love is strong enough to heal all wounds and remove yourself from the pedestal you’ve placed as an idol.”

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson © 2008-2016 Copyright.  All Rights Reserved.



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  1. carolyn thompson says:

    This is a great blog Jenn very helpful


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