Are you a Spiritual Junkie?


I was talking with a few friends the other day about the expectations that we have in what God is going to do in the next coming days, months, even years. It got me to contemplate on much of what I believe. I know that many desire the manifestations that God has for us to experience to the point of craving, following after, and searching out. I’ve had the abundant opportunity throughout my life to experience these since I was a small child. At times, they have been little glimpses into the heavens, future knowledge revealed, or physical healings. First, I must tell you I not once sought these out. Yes, I desired a deeper relationship with God, but I did not hop from one revival, healing service, or prophetic service to the next.

When given He gave when I least expected and when I needed it the most.

Each time God has given these moments with Him – experiencing Him – repeatedly to remind me of His grace and mercy upon my life. Each time He has given these moments, they were at times that I needed a reminding of how powerful He is, has been, and will continue to be in my life.

However, we as the Body of Christ, as sons and daughters of the most High King, must – at all times – remember why He brings to us these moments. They are to bring change – bring growth – bring strength – we must leave these moments a better person than we were at the beginning.

Why? If not, we are just a spiritual junkie that continues to hook up with the Holy Spirit for a feel good moment and leaves the relationship after a one night stand – leaving with no sustenance – no change – no growth – no strength.

God releases His treasures of His Glory so that we may know Him so that we may experience His love, His power. Once the moment passes what are we to do with that experience.

Draw into Him. Ask Him to show you why He had you meet Him in that place. Ask Him why He had you walk through that place to reach Him at the healing bend.

There is always a ‘why’ to His moments with us. Sometimes, they have everything to do with us. However, to be honest most of the time they have NOTHING to do with you but to do with Him and what He wants to share with not only you but also others that cross your path. A manifestation, an experience with our Father, is a treasure – one that must at that moment, be taken as if we may never receive another.

God desires a relationship with us. How can we establish such a relationship if all we ever do is fill up on the manifestations, but not eat the meat of everlasting sustaining life giving words, constant communication, and continual giving of ourselves to others through His love?

I challenge you to seek Him, know Him, grow in Him, and experience Him in the moment that He brings you – it may be your last – it may be the only one He gives you . . . How is it going to change you? How is going to bring you closer to Him? How are you going to share it with others – boasting of it, becoming fat upon it, or being a testament that brings life and change to others?  

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  1. CF Sherrow says:

    so true, so true. I’ve often wondered about the “junkies” who seem to feel that unless they are in the presence of a “high-powered” evangelist or healer that they are unable to receive from God. I, too, have received the most profound words from Him when simply in His presence. Thanks for this post.


  2. Jennifer, I appreciate the balance in your words. Yes, God wants to bless us but it’s ultimately about Him and His plans. He is love–so we can trust his ways.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


  3. Brake 5 says:

    Great post Jennifer!

    We’d all probably have to admit that those moments of a spiritual high are exciting, astounding, and beyond description; but just like any other kind of high they do fade and we’re left looking for the next fix, as Julie described so well. I think that when we neglect the hard work of pressing into intimacy with God, those intense moments are often an excitement that stirs our soul but doesn’t quite settle deeply into our spirit. But when relationship is developed, the sweet, quiet whispers that come in our lowest times can be as thrilling as the highest peaks.

    As I ponder these thoughts, the words of Michael W Smith’s “Heart of Worship” begin in my head, lyrics hat express well the place we need to be…

    When the music fades
    All is stripped away
    And I simply come
    Longing just to bring
    Something that’s of worth
    That will bless Your heart
    I’ll bring You more than a song
    For a song in itself
    Is not what You have required
    You search much deeper within
    Through the way things appear
    You’re looking into my heart

    I’m coming back to the heart of worship
    And it’s all about You,
    It’s all about You, Jesus
    I’m sorry, Lord, for the thing I’ve made it
    When it’s all about You,
    It’s all about You, Jesus
    By Barbara Parker


  4. Brake 5 says:

    Love the post, Jennifer.

    I love retreats. God usually meets me in a special way. But, years have taught me it’s not the retreat. It’s the intentional solitude.

    We can receive strength and special “aha” moments when we quiet ourselves. (not easy for a blabbermouth like me) As I practice solitude in this noisy world, I find I’m not desperate for the next conference or event, but I attend as an opportunity to serve and fellowship. Sometimes, He surprises me with, out of the ordinary, Holy Ghost “moments” that set my feet to dance! Love God’s unpredictable ways.
    By Marisa Shadrick


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