The Vine Brake 5’s Weekly Devotional . . . Come Join Us!

The Vine Brake 5's Weekly Devotional . . . Come Join Us!

Want to be apart of a woman’s ministry that encourages, trains, mentors, and builds relationship with other women from around the world? Since 2008 Brake 5 has been doing just that and membership is free – Come join me and about 4,000+ women from the USA and 86+ countries on this journey we call life . . . to receive a weekly devotional or to join Brake 5 follow this link for free sign up. You’ll also receive information on how to join one of our online small groups near you or begin one in your area, upcoming events, access to free mentorship programs, free life coaching, and free pastoral counseling. I look forward to having you be apart of Brake 5 ~ Keep smilin’ ~ Jenn
Feel free to share the above invite . . . website is under construction due to mass volume of traffic but blog site is up and running
Weekly devotionals and membership newsletters are sent to all members via email. Social media sites only display small portion of what Brake 5 is all about.

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