You were made for more ~

Woke up this morning to hear my 6-year-old say,“Mommy, you know . . . dreams can be SCARY!”

How true is that! Yes, baby, dreams can be scary if we look at them through the eyeglass of fear and doubt.  When we allow our thoughts to flow freely without reflecting them upon the promises of God, fear and doubt begin to cloud our view of the journey.

If you are feeling a little like my 6-year-old, “Dreams can be scary!” then I encourage you to reevaluate what has been permitted within your thought process.  Daily we must renew our minds before we venture out into conversations with our spouse, the workplace, or even taking care of our children.  Renewal is not an easy, click of the button.  We must take the time to stop, look, and listen.

  • Stop our minds from running ninety to nothing  ~
  • Look at what we have allowed to be portrayed as truth ~ separate the truths from the lies ~
  • Listen to the voice of the Father and walk it out ~

Our mind can be the enemy of our soul that reaches in and robs us of not only our relationships, but also our destiny.  A simple way to stop the enemy of fear and doubt is to deny it access with positive words.  As we begin to speak positive declarations over our day and any circumstance, we will see the power it produces and clarity of our dreams.

What it comes down to, is realizing the most important factor of your dreams  . . .
You were made for more! 
More ~ potential ~ success ~ favor ~ greatness ~

When you realize you are worth every moment of sweat, it takes to make your dream, your desires happen; motivation is strong, and your mind is renewed.  When you proclaim you are made for more – you are taking out the negative and replacing it with positive powerful progress that becomes life changing and contagious.

I challenge you today to cast all fear aside, put your running shoes back on, and run towards your dreams!

Why?  Because . . . You were made for more!   There is a more “powerful you’ than where you are right now and in order to arrive there you’ve got to MOVE!  Remember this if nothing at all ~

“God gives grace to run the vision that is desired and designed for our destiny.”
~ excerpt from Insightful Reflections of the Human Kind by Jennifer Goodson © 2012  All Rights Reserved.
Suggested Reading:  Galatians 2:2 

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson are Copyright © 2008-2014. All Rights Reserved.

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