Undeniable Love

unconditionallovepic“Giving of ourselves first to our spouse 100% may be unheard of in today’s culture BUT in order to defy that culture we must create God’s Culture by allowing God to teach us to die to self. Walking in unconditional love towards our spouse begins by allowing the love of Christ to lead. It may not seem fair, it may feel like a sandpaper scream, and there may be a justified right, BUT walking in unconditional love towards our spouse creates a level of strength and trust in a marriage that when fear, intimidation, resentment, bitterness, and unforgiveness come knocking on the heart’s door entrance will NOT be permitted. It’s called guarding what you have been gifted. Your spouse is a gift to you from God – someone to respect, to love, to cherish.  A gift given to create character and to teach us how to love the way Christ loves us.  Aren’t there times when we don’t deserve God’s grace, mercy, or love; but He never denies Himself to us.” ~ Jennifer Goodson Copyright © 2014. All Rights Reserved.

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson are Copyright © 2008-2016. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. A sometimes stern and yet fruitful reality! Time and again we may despair, run out of steam, question everything, even give up, but humility in surrendering our pent-up frustrations and exchange them for mercy and grace we may not think we possess, inspiring a “second mile” we may not even walk with much joy, and tending to the work God is doing in us at the time – these will reveal an undeniable transforming work of the love of God in us, pouring through us.

    I often ponder about fulness of joy in such circumstances, as I assume I should be joyful about loving beyond my human means, so maybe there is more to learn?

    But I can say as a certainty: without my wife’s unconditional love, her faithfulness and commitment to obeying God and giving me room to awake and grow, I wouldn’t be here today. We learned to dance in this way daily, we come back to it every day as needed, the more we do it, the more fluid and seamless our move from resentment to forgiveness occurs, and instead of camping in our wounds, isolated, we can minister comfort and healing to one another.

    And this allows our hearts to remain soft unto the LORD as well. A hardened heart toward a spouse, can hardly claim to be opened toward the Holy Spirit at the same time – the door of love is one. How much more we allow God’s Spirit to flow in our families when we follow this narrow way? We participate in the development and growth of a garden of delights for Him to walk and commune with us.

    Thank you for the sweet reminder Jennifer! 🙂




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