What defines you . . .

Something I have learned over the years and want to share with those who are having a hard time grasping who they are in Christ. Circumstances, past experiences do NOT define who you are they only strengthen your character & relationship with Christ – that is if you run to Christ in the ‘good’ & ‘bad’ moments – meaning establish & build upon that relationship daily moment by moment. By walking in this principle, an individual creates a bond of trust with their Creator that increases their faith in all that Christ can do within the circumstance & the individual. Overtime this creates a lasting image of who Christ is & who the individual is in Christ. When we are able to speak in faith & declare to the ‘mountain of whatever’ the image of Christ is released – our identity in HIM begins to form. However, when we continue to allow the present circumstance to bully us, beat us up, cause doubt & confusion, we forget the person who Christ has made us to be. I encourage you to speak & declare who you are every day. Don’t allow your past, your present to dictate who you are or who you are becoming. Take some authority – walk in it – get mean with it – don’t allow it to be stolen anymore! Establish the image of Christ in your life . . . moment by moment. So that when something comes up – you are ready – feet planted, face set forward, unswayable, intolerable – the image of Christ starring down the enemy in waiting.

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