You Must Know…..

SHE Velocity

You Must Know . . .

Your destiny is greater than your current mistakes, present chaotic mess, or habitual sin. God’s love reaches down into the deepest part of your heart and pulls out the jewel of a person He has created you to be.

When a person doesn’t believe they are worthy of love they begin to slowly lose hope, self-worth, and the process of self-hatred takes its first step. Only a smidgen of an opening is needed for
self-hatred to move in.

You must know this . . .

You are worthy of His love.

Your worth should not be based on how others treat you, love, or not love you. He believed you are worthy of His love the moment He took the first lash. For every time He was beaten and pierced, His blood flowed freely, while His heart was shouting your name.

“We step out…

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