Prepare for Worship . . .

Created by Jennifer Goodson Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Worship is not a performance.  It is a demonstration of the love towards an ever faithful, forgiving, loving, LIVING God. One must make sure that their motivation is pure before picking up the mic, the guitar, a paintbrush, putting on the dance shoes, sitting down before the drums, or placing their hands on the piano. God sees all and knows who truly is worshiping Him or who is worshiping self. A heart motivated for an audience of one is whom God seeks to lead an audience of many into His presence. As for the those who worship remember worshiping the Father is not for a scheduled event – worship is an ongoing, loving relationship between you and your Creator – Worship is a lifestyle that is only seen by ONE; whom He choses to observe the view is up to Him.

A Prayer of Worship

Are we like Saul that we calm our spirits with a sound of the harp but our heart’s do not change!
A pure and holy sanctuary we are to become.
Let’s not make this a mundane ritual where we come in and get a “quick fix”; leave and forget His presence throughout our coming days.
Let it be a transformation of who You are within us!
Present our bodies as pure, blameless, holy vessels before the Throne of God, that He may cleanse us.
Make it an experience that changes the very way that we breathe!
Oh Father! That we may seek You in the secret place that Your face may turn our way and find us pure of heart.
That You may embrace our praise and worship given freely to You, Our King!
Help us not come in Your House without seeking You beforehand.
Let our time as One Body be an expansion of what our relationship is with You throughout our days.
Please, Our Father, embrace us! Embrace Your children!
You are the one we seek, the one we adore!
Oh, Father, purge this darkness from inside of us and make us Your spotless Bride!
Oh, let us not be like Saul but like David who knew the truth came through worship and worshiped the true life giver.
You are the hope from which we gain our strength! You are our Redeemer!
The more we seek You, the more we find You, the more Your heart opens to us.
Oh, Father let us hear, feel Your heartbeat! Find us pleasurable in Your sight!
Oh, Father, let us know Your Spirit that we live it, breath it, move with it, sing with it, create with it!
Let every fiber of our being be in one accord with Your Spirit! Let it pierce our lives, that our minds can not comprehend, fathom Your Splendor!
You are the one true God, Our Redeemer, Our Savior.                                                 ~ Jennifer Goodson 2006 © Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

~ Jennifer Goodson 2008-2015 © Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Brake 5 and all written works

The Brake 5 staff and Jennifer continually hold times of prayer for those who have sent in their requests every Saturday. To submit a prayer request click here.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Glenn says:

    Very true, a Heart For Worship

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Claire says:

    WORSHIP is the highest REVERENCE we can ever give to the Lord God Almighty. Because He is the Mighty God who deserves all the glory, honor, adoration and thanksgiving. And He is the God of the mountain and same God of the valley. So we could worship Him in the storm. We could praise Him in the storm. We could glorify His Mighty Name in the storm. We could trust Him in the storm. Because He is bigger, stronger and more powerful than the storm. We could thank Him in the storm because He gives us joy and peace and walking us through until we finish our race to victory.
    Hallelujah, Amen Amen Amen


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