Offense = Division

“An offended person can be the most destructive tool of the enemy as they will continue to view through discolored lenses. Creating their blindness to the true love of God and bringing division to relationships. Marriages usually suffer the most when one spouse continually remains offended which in turn, can lock their journey towards their destiny creating tension. In friendships, offense if not dealt with immediately will harm the one offended the most creating division.  Once true repentance and forgiveness happens freedom and healing invade the heart bringing restoration and growth. Offense will come to all of us we are all human. It is the response to the situation that causes one to stay cemented or one to grow. Are you going to past the test or go around the mountain one more time?”          ~ Jennifer Goodson 2014 © Copyright.  All Rights Reserved.

~ Jennifer Goodson 2008-2015 © Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Brake 5 and all written works

The Brake 5 staff and Jennifer continually hold times of prayer for those who have sent in their requests every Saturday. To request prayer click here

Counseling Sessions and mentorship programs are free and offered by appointments only. If you are interested in obtaining counseling or joining a mentorship program with Jennifer please send an email to

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