Walking in a NEW DAY Anointing


If we are to bear fruit to walk in authority and the command of the Lord …
If we are to walk in a place of righteousness …
If we are to walk in this new day …
We cannot be in fear
We cannot hold the hand of our excuses, our offenses any longer.

Women have the hardest time accepting their own reflection.

God wants our reflection – our mind, body, and spirit – to not be a flaky, unstable kind – a rocking from one side to the other kind

a sustainable kind
a rooted kind
a faithful kind
a steadfast kind

This only transpires as we stop allowing our mind wars to supersede truth – real concreted truth –
That comes from God’s word – either what has been spoken over our lives or what has been written by His spirit.

As women, we at times don’t think through a thought that develops into our words, then our actions.

A daily surrendering process of our mind will clear the path for us to align ourselves with God’s word.

“God wants to take us out of our ordinary, our familiarity, into a dimension we rely solely on the Spirit of God to carry us.”
~ quote from Inner Reflections of the Human Kind by J. Goodson

Embrace the challenges going up the climb in order to be positioned planted for the next level –

“Be ready for the jump …
Do not fear …
Take that step out…
It is in the free falling we learn how to fly!”
~ quote from Inner Reflections of the Human Kind by J. Goodson

If we want the new things of this new day but are not willing to pay the price – the experience, the walking in new day authority anointing will be passed to another.

Change is a choice. Growth from change is a character reflection. For some God wants to enlarge your territory.

This is the time that we have to go in and push this mess in our heads aside – put it out of commission. Do not allow it to have dominion over our thinking. Time to stop the cycle of our thoughts our words.

“Our thoughts become our words;
Our words become our actions;
Our actions become our behavior;
Our behavior becomes our character;
Our character becomes our destiny”
~ paraphrased quote by Frank Outlaw

How do we cease yielding fruit?
By allowing fear and anxiety to take hold of our mind giving it permission to come in and take residence –We open the door of its knocking
We allow it to come as we entertain the thought; once thought has consumed us, the battle is on
We then give fuel with our words, our actions, and our behavior.

What kind of behavior are we betraying?
What kind of god are we showing in our words, our actions, and our behavior

Are they gods…
of fear
of confusion
of Unforgiveness
of control and manipulation

or of the one true God who has dominion authority to make a purposed promise a reality?

Walking in a NEW DAY anointing begins by making a conscious effort to command our day, our life, and our mind to align –
Align with our purposed promise
Once alignment bears truth fruit, we begin to live in God reality
His norm becomes our norm
His reality our reality
His authority …
Our NEW DAY anointing!

All Brake 5 Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson are Copyright © 2008-2015. All Rights Reserved.

This Brake 5 Devotional “Walking in a NEW DAY Anointing” are two messages summarized & combined that were shared by Jennifer Goodson at recent meetings held at Aglow International, Florida & Center of Life International, South Dakota.

Jennifer ministeres to women from all walks of life worldwide. Weekly she provides pastoral counseling at NO CHARGE to 15 – 20 women seeking guidance & connecting them with other professionals within their own local areas. Call for an appointment today. If you would like to financially support what Brake 5 is doing please contact our offices via email or phone.

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